Lynn Valley United Church operates under a Board of Governance structure, using Policy Governance as the organizational model and "The Circle Way" as a means to conduct meetings. The Board establishes, through policy and limitations, what kind of church Lynn Valley United will be, for whom and at what cost. The staff team is then directed to act on those decisions supported by committees and ministry teams.

The Board of Governance (or “Board”) is composed of: the Minister; and seven additional Board Members elected by the Congregation.

Presently the Board consists of the following people:

  • Judith Clark (elected 2023)
  • Jennifer Eastwood (elected 2022)
  • Robert Fee (elected 2023)
  • Kelly Jenner (elected 2021)
  • Myrna Pearce (elected 2023)
  • Walter Wright (elected 2022)
  • Rev. Karen Millard (Minister)

The Board Chair and Secretary are selected from the members of the Board at the first meeting after the AGM, typically held in July.  The Board usually meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm, unless rescheduled to accommodate absences. 

To contact the Board you can send physical or electronic mail to the church office. 

Physical Address: 3201 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver BC  V7K 2H4