Seek justice...

Love kindness...

Walk humbly...

The Social Justice and Outreach Team is a group of people who are passionate about advocacy, action and consideration for people who find themselves challenged by daily life- the ones who often have no voice to even ask for help.
Do you have a passion to "be the change you want to see in the world?"  If so, you are welcome to join us.
The team seeks ways to support local community, national and international initiatives, sharing stories about their work as a means of inspiration, advocacy and education.
At present the Team is focussing on work related to developing right relationships with Canada's indigenous peoples.
As of February 2019, the team consists of Carol Sawyer (Chair), and Marion Kirk, and Ray Boucher.  Others participate in specific projects.
Meetings are usually held on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 7 to 9 pm at LVUC.
****** URGENT *****  With the current COVID-19 Pandemic upon us, our partner First United Church is asking for your help.  Please scroll down to 'News' for further information.  Thank-you!!!
Please go to our other pages for information about specific team projects.

I want to help- please let me know where my skills can be used!

Please share info about what you feel passionate about (such as the environment, helping refugees, homelessness, international aid, fundraising ideas, etc...).