Welcome to the Centre for Spiritual Practice at Lynn Valley United Church! A growing body of evidence shows that including spiritual practices in your regimen increases overall health and well-being -and the newly-formed Centre for Spiritual Practices hopes to provide ongoing, regular activities that use meditation, refelction, prayer and action to allow individuals and groups to connect to that well-being.

Most people would say that every program of the church has some spiritual component, but in establishing the Centre for Spiritual Practices, the goal is to teach and improve skills, tools and techniques to support and maintain a more balanced life. Some of what is offered is filtered through the Christian lens, as Lynn Valley United is a Christian organization, but there are also practices that use neutral language making them accessible to people of all- or no- religious background.

Currently, the Centre for Spiritual Practice will focus on four areas of programing (other than worship and study groups) - all are open to the community, regardless of your faith background.

  • Labyrinth: with the North Shore's only indoor labyrinth installed on the floor of the sanctaury, this space is available for personal use during office hours and for group use with an appointment. Special events are typically scheduled for solstice & equinox and Wednesdays have special 'drop-in' walks at different times on different weeks, some with live music. 
  • Centering Prayer: a weekly group session of an individual silent meditation as prescribed in Thomas Keating's 'Contemplative Prayer'. It is recommended that participants have taken an introductory course (offered through Contemplative Outreach of Greater Vancouver), but it is not manditory.
  • Healing Pathway: a healing modality taught through the United Church of Canada that utilizes energy and prayer as complementary practice to health and wellness treatments. Offered by appointment with volunteer practitioners, with the hope to grow the practice and offer sessions more regularly.
  • Yoga: connecting body and mind in meditative movement, yoga is a beneficial activity for all fitness levels. Several sessions are planned each year with a variety of instructors with differing backgrounds/ experience. See the page to the left for details on the next series of classes.

Watch this space as the Centre for Spriritual Practice develops content and calender for programing.