Welcome to Spiritual Practices at Lynn Valley United Church!

Around the globe, people are engaging in regular spiritual practices seeking the benefits of calm, connection, and improved overall well-being. Spiritual practices give opportunities for people to connect to their goodness, wholeness, innate wisdom, divine energy, and the mystery of peace that surpasses all understanding.

Everyone is welcome, wherever you are on your spiritual journey. While expansive vocabulary and imagery are used to describe spiritual practices, Lynn Valley United Church is a Christian organization and frequently uses the terms "God" and "Spirit".

A team of volunteers works with Reverend Eric Hamlyn, the Minister of Faith and Families (currently on sabbatical), to develop and deliver programs pertaining to spiritual practices and is currently concentrating on programs involving labyrinth, centering prayer, energetic healing, and yoga.

The Spiritual Practices Team is always looking for new ideas and new members, so if you are interested or want to offer suggestions, please contact the church office at office@lynnvalleychurch.com.