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Join Us this Sunday, January 24th @ 10:30 am

What are we looking for as we scroll through life, literally and metaphorically? What is the yearning we can’t quite put our finger on? What is it about Jesus that draws us towards him? 

We’re not the first ones who Jesus has asked this question. And we’re not the first ones to ask how to find him.

This Sunday we’ll hear this story of Jesus, and we’ll consider our responses to his question, and his response to us.  

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We're not gathering publicly during COVID19 but most of our regular programs are still running online

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Curious about Sunday Services?
We've made a page just for you.

We've put together a FAQ that answers all your questions and even some you hadn't thought of yet. 

We don't want anything to hold you back from joining us, so learn all about what happens before you come. 

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Lynn Valley United Church OPEN
We're gathering online during COVID-19

Please join us online for our Sunday Service broadcast LIVE at 10:30 am

While our building is closed, our hearts and opportunities to connect remain open. 

If you would like to contact us:

Debra Bowman (Interim Lead Minister)     [email protected]  

Eric Hamlyn (Minister of Faith and Families)
[email protected]   Facebook Messenger  Eric At Lvuc

Frank Zieginson (Music Minister)
[email protected]   Facebook Messenger  Frank Chu

Moana Hartigan (Manager Office Operations)
[email protected]    Facebook Messenger  Moana at LVUC
                            Phone 604 987 2114

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