Singing together is a celebration of Spirit in community! 

Lynn Valley Voices Community Choir

"There's a place for your voice here"

LVV is a non-auditioned choral group open to anyone with a passion for singing and a desire for sharing that passion through singing in an ensemble. Singing a variety of musical styles from around the globe, Lynn Valley Voices repertoir focuses on universal themes of compassion, beauty, inclusivity, harmony, and humour and draws on the wisdom of world music representing many cultures and traditions.

Even during this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are still providing space for people to meet and sing in community.  We have been holding all our rehearsals on ZOOM, weekly, and will continue to do so until such time as it is safe to sing in person.  

Why This Choir?

It is a safe place to explore your voice (affirming & Inclusive)

Non-determining auditions help find out where you're at

A place to learn new skills

Express your creativity

A place that encourages community connections & meaningful relationships

A place to engage in a spiritual practice & sing a wide variety of music


Prepare to Be Awesome!

With Lynn Valley Voices, singers have a unique opportunity for small and large performances, with concerts at both Lynn Valley United Church and in the wider community.  In an informal, non-stress audition, singers are assessed to help determine the section best suited to his/her range and skills.  LVV also has opportunities to learn new skills through weekly practice arcs and interactions with professional musicians at retreats and/or workshops.


Lynn Valley Voices is a safe space to discover your voice while engaging in practice, community and fellowship.  

Lynn Valley Voices is a Spiritual Practice

For those who want and like to sing it is about finding your voice, learning how to use that voice as it fits into a community of singers, and developing a regular practice.  This process allows you to learn something new and to find your place on the journey.  Because singing also comes from a spiritual place within us, you create a practice through choir rehearsals.  In these rehearsals you develop a weekly "Practice" that begins with vocal warm-ups & exercises, in addition to some body stretches that center & ground you (getting ready).  In the main part of rehearsals, you construct new pieces (learning something new) and with home practice, you learn to deepen the skills learned each week (Practice Arc).


The Lynn Valley Voices Experience

Choir practice is part of the process to build your confidence and grow your voice & musical skills. You reach this goal through regular rehearsal experiences & performances.  With regular small & large concert opportunities, you develop more performance and communications skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.  The Choir experience also helps with the goal of having accomplished pieces to share with audiences.  Members notice that performances are better than they expect because of the structured practice arcs for both rehearsals and performances.  Singing and communication music helps to bring the singers and the audience joy & inspiration.  


Weekly Rehearsals

Take place each Thursday from 7-9:30pm under the direction of Frank Zieginson. 

Session registration takes place in September but new singers are welcome to join at any time! 

There is an annual registration fee of $300.  We offer discounts to current and recent high school & university grads.

To register please fill out the form below.  Upon completion, choose your method of payment submit the form.  If you wish to discuss a payment plan, please speak with the Music Director directly.    

For more information or to inquire about joining, please contact Frank HERE.