Welcome to Lynn Valley United Church!

All are truly welcome in this place.  All means all - regardless of society's labels, regardless of where you've journeyed previously.  There is a place for you here. 

We believe in the goodness of all creation; we know that God is within us, between us, and around us. We know our spiritual practice helps us remember who we are, and whose we are - beloved children of God. This practice leads us in serving the community of Lynn Valley.    

At Lynn Valley Church, we look for goodness and wisdom in the world around us.  We seek and celebrate the power of God's Spirit that breathes new life, even into troubled times.  We join with people of all ages who want to nurture  their spirituality in a place that invites as many questions as it offers answers, living with respect in creation.  We welcome everyone, wherever they may be on their own life and spiritual journey.  We attract partners with shared values who wish to create a world where peace, love and light are experienced in the everyday miracles.   


There is nothing you need to "know" or "do" to be a part of the community that is Lynn Valley United. Find us through our various 'portals' in the Community and join us as we enrich the fabric of the Lynn Valley community!