Where all means ALL

Lynn Valley United Church wants to be known for radical inclusivity & generous hospitality so all may know the unconditional Love of Jesus Christ.

On Sunday 27th June, 2021, the congregation of Lynn Valley United Church voted unanimously "YES" to becoming an officially designated affirming congregation of the United Church of Canada. We also voted "YES" unanimously to approve an inclusive marriage policy ensuring the right to marry for all LGBTQIA2S+ people.

On Sunday 14th November, 2021, during Worship, we became officially recognized as an Affirming congregation.  We were presented with the official Certificate. We are grateful that we have achieved this goal and that we have joined together on this journey.

Read more about what this means in our affirming ministry vision statement below. 

Our Affirming Vision Statement

At Lynn Valley United Church we celebrate the diversity of God’s creation and affirm that all people of any gender identity or sexual orientation have a place of inclusion, worship, discipleship, and leadership.

Lynn Valley United Church commits to the following:

  • Offering worship that reflects the affirmation of LGBTQIA2S+ people
  • We support the full inclusion of LGBTQIA2S+ folks in all aspects of congregational life and work. 
  • Recognizing and unlearning our internalized biases, both as a congregation and as individuals 
  • Communicating our affirmation of LGBTQIA2S+ people in the community through words, symbols, and actions 
  • Offering and participating in ongoing social and educational activities as a congregation in support of LGBTQIA2S+ people 
  • Supporting initiatives at LVUC that promote safe spaces for LGBTQIA2S+ people 
  • Making educational resources (books, videos, etc.) available to people within and outside our congregation 
  • Maintaining membership with Affirm United, the United Church organization that supports the development of Affirming Congregations and networks across Canada 
Rainbow Bench

Thank you all!

With your help and generosity we raised the funds needed for our brand new all-inclusive Rainbow coloured bench that graces the South side of our church building.  This beautiful permanent bench is a symbol of welcome and hospitality to all.

Thank you to all those who contributed to make it happen.


We Celebrate P.I.E. Day

Public, Intentional & Explicit support of the LGBTQ2S+ community.