We meet at 10:30 AM on Sunday for our service. All are truly welcome in this place. Young, old, single, families, gay, straight, bi-sexual, trans-gender, queer, two-spirit ...there's a place for you here. All means all - regardless of society's labels, regardless of where you've journeyed previously.  There is a place for you here.

We Gather

We're a community filled with friendly people. During the service we take a few moments to greet one another, we call it 'passing the peace'.

We Sing

Music is a huge part of our Sunday service. You can join in and sing along (the words are on large screens) or sit back and enjoy.

We Listen

Each Sunday there is a message, it's usually about 20 minutes long and is designed to inspire and encourage you for your week ahead.

Live Stream on You Tube/ Recorded Services

Each Sunday, you can watch the service live streamed here or you can watch the service later on YouTube.

Sunday Service FAQ's

About 75 minutes.

You can count on being out of there by noon, although we'd love you to stay for some coffee and snacks. 

Right underneath.

We have lots of covered underground parking. You can enter the church from the parking lot either by elevator of stairs. Or park on the street, generally Mountain Highway has plenty of street parking too. 


We love visitors, but we know it can be a little uncomfortable at first. You can sit where you like, and while we'll do our best to make you feel at home, you won't be put on the spot.

There is none!

Just back from a hike in Lynn Canyon? On your way to a fancy brunch? Just rolled out of bed in your clothes from last night? Come as you are. Some people dress up for church, others don't, but that's what makes our community a rich tapestry of culture and colour. 


We don't even pass the offering 'plate' around. If you'd like to give you can do so without anyone watching at the station set up at the back of the church. 

Only if you want to!

Music is a huge part of Sunday mornings, with our talented musicians and song leaders you might find it hard not to. It does not matter if you have a good voice, or even if you sing in key, do what ever feels right for you. 

Bring them!

Kids are a huge part of our service, we even have a table set up for them right at the front of the church. We have a dedicated, professional child worker who will keep your kids busy and entertained. During the service there is a special story time (we call it 'blanket time').   The children then leave and head to Kid's Club within the building.