Several members of the LVUC community volunteer in service of the homeless population in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver by providing home baked goods every Wednesday to the Gospel Mission, It is the oldest mission in the city and the oldest in Canada. It has been in operation  since 1929 and was in it's previous location for 70 years, since the 1940's. On Wednesdays from  7pm until about 8pm in all weather, out on the street infront of The Door Is Open. they serve sandwiches, pastries, savoury snacks, often we have hot soup or chilli in take-away containers. Fruit! Hot coffee and hot chocolate.

Gospel Mission Society/Carrall Street Church

255 Dunlevy Street, Vancouver BC, V6A 1L4 

We received a big thank you from Gospel Mission Society for all the work that was done. See the article in the News Article Dear Baking Saints on December 9, 2021.

The need continues and if you would like to join the baking saints them, please contact Marion Kirk or Joan Wenham.