A small step towards establishment of right relationships with Indigenous peoples is to hear their stories and one way to hear stories and experience their cultur is though powwows. Powwows are open to everybody. Historically, these Indigenous cultural celebrations of unity allowed all nations to come together, share cultures, and build relationships. Sit back and enjoy the hospitality and opportunity to learn about Indigenous cultures. You are now on Turtle Island.

Pow Wow Information (Taken from Pow Wow Calendar)

Upcoming pow wows in British Columbia:

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Note: There are many more pow wows in our area. We have only listed ones we have found with future dates.

Honoring Indigenous Students Powwow Simon Fraser University

Pow Wow Between the Lakes

  • Jun 23 - Jun 25, 2023 - Penticton BC
  • South Okanagan Events Centre
  • 853 Eckhardt Avenue W, Penticton, BC, V2A 9C4
  • Website at www.penticton.ca/powwow

42nd Annual Kamloopa Powwow

stalew pow wow

Live streamed pow wows:

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Other pow wows in British Columbia:

Note: The pow wows listed here do not have a future date yet but have occured in past years.