Lynn Valley United is a long-time mission partner with First United in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Committed at its heart to the struggle for social justice, First United is a place of welcome for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Offering programs of advocacy, housing, healing and hospitality, this community space supports and celebrates the inherent strengths of all people, of all walks of life. More information about their programs can be found at

September 2021

First United is launching a capital campaign for their new building. See


June 2020:

Lynn Valley United Church has had a long rewarding relationship with First United Church in the Downtown Eastside. Recently we have been asked for assistance in reaching out to both the Provincial and Federal Government in two important areas:

To our Provincial Gov’t: To provide long-term supportive housings to all who have no housing;

To our Federal Gov’t: To propose implementation of a Universal Basic Income (also referred to as a Guaranteed Annual Income) for all Canadians Form letters are available – all you need to do is simply add your name and send it off.

Please see attached letter with the link provided below.  

Thank-you for helping those who are so less fortunate than us!