Lynn Valley United Church operates under a Board of Governance structure, using Policy Governance as the organizational model and "The Circle Way" as a means to conduct meetings. The Board establishes, through policy and limitations, what kind of church Lynn Valley United will be, for whom and at what cost. The staff team is then directed to act on those decisions supported by committees and ministry teams.

The Board of Governance (or “Board”) is composed of: the Minister; and seven additional Board Members elected by the Congregation. The term of office for a Board Member is two years, commencing on July 1 following the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which the member is elected (unless appointed in between elections). If the Congregation fails to elect sufficient Board Members or if a vacancy arises, the remaining members of the Board of Governance may appoint a member of the congregation to fill the applicable vacancy until the next AGM, when the Congregation shall elect a congregation member to complete the remaining term, if any. Note: At this time there are only six Board Members from the Congregation.

Board of Governance Committees

The Ministry and Personnel Committee, Policy Committee and the Transition Team operate as committees of the Board, accountable and reporting directly to them. Other Ministry teams report to the Minister or the Minister of Faith, Formation, and Families. The Board can create ad hoc committees accountable to it as needed, disbanding them when work is complete, or converting them to ministry teams if more appropriate.