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Jeremiah 33:14-16
Hope- fulfilling the good promise

So this is Christmas!

Lynn Valley United Church prepares for the season of celebrating light breaking into the darkness with a fresh take on the stories and prophesies that have inspired generations.  Come any Sunday in the season of Advent to bathe in the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.  What we do while we wait depends on what we’re waiting for. We wait for the birth of the little one who changed time. Join us.  

Sunday, December 2    Jeremiah 33:14-16  HOPE  

In a service for all-ages, we explore what God meant in the words “I will fulfill the good promise” using tunes of Nursery Rhymes to breathe new life into songs and responses. Communion was also served with this treatment

There was no 'sermon' as such, but a storybook was read called "The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley" by Colin Thompson and Amy Lissiat. (Here is a LINK to a YouTube post of the story read by someone else, if you want to see it- and know there is a warning due to the graphic nature of some of the images.)

Here are the wonderings offered to the congregation by Eric after the stories were shared:

Today you have heard 2 sacred stories; one from Jeremiah of a hopeful people, the Israelites who are thankful that God remembered them.  One from the story of Riley, who also lived a very thankful life.  One of the things both these stories have in common is of folks who live a thankful life.  Living a happy life, with a whole lot less.  With less of us, there is more room for God!  It’s a good message to receive this time of year when it’s so easy to get consumed in all the stuff.  We don’t need all the stuff to make us happy. We need to loved, we need to be remembered, by God, we need to liver a grateful life, just like the Israelites and just like Riley and no matter what happens to us in our lives, we need to be hopeful people, to live the way Jesus taught us, people who live in hope! 

And may we remember always that Christ is our light and the source of our hope!  Amen! 



Other Sermons in the So This is Christmas! Advent 2018 Series:

Sunday, December 9   Luke 3:1-6  PEACE  Amid the cries of war and dis-integration, we will listen carefully to the voice “calling from the wilderness” to see God’s healing coming to all the nations.

Sunday, December 16    Philippians 4:4-9   JOY  The birth of a baby brings many things – ask any new parent.  Mostly the world welcomes the little one with unprecedented joy. 

Sunday, December 23   Luke 1:39 – 46   LOVE  Cousins meet after a long period of separation.  Both are pregnant – each with sons.  One son is the messenger.  One son is the anointed one.  Can love flow more beautifully?  

Christmas Eve 7pm Family, Friends and Neighbours Candles & Carols Service

Christmas Eve 10pm Candlelight Communion Service

Christmas Sunday, December 30: