Mark 10: 17-27

This sermon is offered as part of the Mark's Notes series.

There are lots of things Christians wrestle with in the faith; there are lots of things we flat out disagree with.  This sermon series helps folks land on what we do believe, here at LVUC, that is in line with what most Christians believe.  We are calling it Marks Notes, rather than Coles Notes or CliffsNotes because mostly the Gospel of Mark is our source.  Join us and see where you land.

  • September 16:  Mark 8:24-38    Welcome Sunday:  What Christians believe about Jesus
  • September 23:  Psalm 1:1-3, Mark 4:1-9    What Christians believe about the Bible
  • September 30:  Mark 9:38-50      What Christians believe about Sin
  • October 7:  Matthew 6:25-33    What Christians believe about Salvation
  • October 14:  Mark 10:17-21   What Christians believe about Money
  • October 21:  Mark 10:46-52    What Christians beleive about Miracles