Here's What People are Saying...

about the Sacred Space:

David: "I am a frontline health care worker providing care for seniors in their homes in community. Some are recovering from surgery, stroke or are receiving palliative care. The sacred space gives me a place to light a candle, pray and honour the memory of my seniors who have died, or going through difficult illness. It gives me a place to breathe, decompress, recharge, go deep in prayer, and honour my seniors."  

about Soul Spa:

 Mary: An intimate connection with Self, Source, and spiritual companions sums up how Soul Spa has continued to feed my soul. The format of Soul Spa is very simple: gather as a community, share (or not!) where we are at in our spiritual journey, spend individual time at various spiritual practice stations, and re-gather as a community. There is no pressure to behave in any pre-set ways or believe in any dogmas. Just show up as I am.  At each month’s Soul Spa, a lot of care and thought are put into ensuring varied sensory, spiritual, expressive, and experiential media are offered. All for the one purpose of being with oneself, God, and each other. Whenever I let go and allow myself to just be, magic happens, not just for me, but for all who are present.” 

Shelia F: It was full of wonder and peace. Loved it very much!

Sue R: “Nourishing, Introspective, Awesome, filled with AWE!”

Amber: “There is nothing I would change about my time together with everyone. I appreciate that you let me be a silent observer. It is calming and fulfilling to listen to others. Everyone’s reflections from the evening are insightful. Sometimes there is a need to be around others you may not otherwise talk to on the street. The world needs more perspective talking and reflection. This is Soul Spa to me. I appreciate everyone who has made these Mondays happen. Please do not stop as I look forward to my time with you all again soon.”

Veronica: “It is a time of Peace, Listening, Breathing and Joy. I can like myself because the Angel and Pilgrim cards challenge me and enlighten me. Meeting people as I walk the Labyrinth with a smile or a nod touches me in a magical way.  I never knew the quietness of a room with others could be so inspiring. Everyone is a Blessing and I leave Soul Spa with a happy Soul.”

Joe:   “Our soul is the spiritual or immaterial part of us regarded as immortal. A spa provides facilities devoted especially to health, fitness, beauty, and relaxation. Thus, Soul Spa is a place where we can have our soul’s longings satisfied. ‘For He has satisfied the thirsty soul, And the hungry soul He has filled with what is good. Psalm 107:9.’ I find that Soul Spa allows me to look after the needs of my soul. I am led along in paths of thought that help to fill my soul with the good that God has provided us in this life. I have found Soul Spa to be very meaningful to me and has become one of the spiritual practices that I look forward to at LVUC.”

about the Labyrinth:

Nancy "Thank you for your thoughful presentaion on the Labyrinth and the caring and open way you welcomed us to walk it. The entire group has been talking about how meaningful the day was for them."
* Want to share a few words about your experience with Spritual Practices at Lynn Valley United? Send a message to the church office or Rev. Eric Hamlyn (Minister of Faith & Families)