“There is nothing I would change about my time together with everyone. I appreciate that you let me be a silent observer. It is calming and fulfilling to listen to others. Everyone’s reflections from the evening are insightful, and sometimes there is a need to be around others you may not otherwise talk to on the street.” - Amber, Soul Spa participant

Each month - typically on the third Monday of the month - encounter, nourish, pamper, and recharge your whole being at Soul Spa!

Busy people with busy lives are longing to engage in calm, authentic, open, and relevant activities that support connection, compassion, and overall well-being. We know that people desire a full appreciation of who they are in order to connect with and appreciate others, and Soul Spa is just the space for this.

Soul Spa invites participants to engage in a variety of simple, open-ended activities to stimulate the spiritual being within. The event uses a variety of teachings and traditions and is inspired by the intricate balance witnessed in nature. Intentional time and space are prepared to offer opportunities for heart-centred exploration, connecting to self and spirit, individually and in community. Soul Spa is a feast for the senses, with ample opportunity for creative expression in an inclusive, safe environment to nurture body, mind, and spirit. Join us at this spiritual oasis to reduce stress, foster healing, and restore well-being.

Soul Spa begins at 7:00pm with an opening circle in the Sacred Space, and closes with a sharing circle to finish by 9:00pm. Soul Spa accepts your donations to cover expenses and invest in supplies and a growing selection of practices and activities. Everyone is welcome, regardless of religious background or experience. In the corners of the year, for solstice and equinox, live music enhances the experience.

If you would like more information, please contact: eric@lynnvalleychurch.com