Centering Prayer, modeled on Father Thomas Keating's teaching, is a method of silent prayer in which you seek to experience God's presence within yourself, while actively letting go of all other thought. This method of prayer is both acknowledging a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship.

While centering prayer prescribes a twice daily individual sit, the meaningfulness and power of the practice is magnified when experienced in community. Group prayer reminds you there is more beyond your experience, more beyond your comprehension, and offers spiritual kinship to support you in challenges and celebrate with you through milestones.

Spiritual Practice Mondays will continue online via Zoom @ 7:00 p.m!  If you are interested in joining please email [email protected] and he will email you the link to join us. 
What happens at Spiritual Practice Mondays?  We gather in a group facilitated by Eric. We start with check-in, and then Eric shares an inspirational quote to start the Centring Prayer Practice of a 20 min sit in silence, in community. This is followed by the practice of Lectio Divina where a passage of scripture (that's being shared in church that coming Sunday) is read 3 times, with the opportunity for engagement through response & reflection. If you haven't tried this before and would like to, we'd love to have you join us!