It helps ease anxiety when you know what happens in worship - especially if you're shopping for a new church or have never been to worship at Lynn Valley United before.

How long is the service?    A typical service is about 75 minutes. Light refreshments are served both before and after, so plan to come a bit early or stay after (or do both!)

Where should I sit?              As the order of service is displayed on large monitors in the front, sit where you need to in order to see the screens. There is a space near the front for children, usually with a craft or colouring. Parents are welcome to sit as near or far as their youngsters are comfortable with.

Can I wear jeans?                 Yes! Or a suit, or shorts -whatever you feel comfortable wearing. 

What if I am late?                  Come in anyway... the kids stay in worship for the first 20 minutes and then leave for Music Play (Children's Church), so there's a natural break in the service you can take advantage of to come in without making a disturbance.

Do I need a bible or notebook?  All of the readings and hymns are displayed on large monitors, so you don't need to bring anything with you.

Do I have to make a donation? If so how much do I put in the plate?  Feel free to give what you can, as you are able. Tax receipts are given for donations over $20 and envelopes are available from the "Info Hub" in the foyer to collect the information needed to issue a receipt.

 Are kids welcome?               Absolutely! Children and youth have an innate wisdom about and longing to know and love God. At LVUC, people of all ages are celebrated, cherished, enjoyed, respected... but kids get a little more attention! Kids stay with their families for the first 20 minutes and then go to "Music Play"(Childrens Church) in the community room at the end of the hall. You can register your child online HERE.