"You will never get into God's kingdom unless you enter it like a child!”                                                   Luke 18:17 CEB

Children live their spirituality through and beyond their senses.  They experience and embrace the mysteries of God and Spirit freely.  Then, when they become grown-ups, they can share the privilege of experiencing of God with them - readily seeing Spirit move in the world. 

At Lynn Valley United Church:

We believe in supporting families from a holistic perspective - understanding that the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects of our lives are interconnected and essential to our individual and community wellness. 

We believe that inter-generational relationships are essential in supporting the quality of life of young people and families in our community. 

We believe that children have an inherent ability to connect with their own spirit within and with the one Spirit that unites all things.  It is our joy and our responsibility as adults and program leaders to share the riches of the tradition we received from the centuries, and to encourage, support and respect the inherent spiritual gifts of the children who find their way among us.  

Music Play Children's Worship - Sundays, 10 am (Food and gathering) 10:30 am start

The Lynn Valley United Music-Play Children’s Worship is about worship, learning, sharing and having lots of fun!

Through storytelling, singing, art creations, fun-filled Sunday morning gatherings, our children and youth are centered in the presence, of God- moving in their unique essence as they sing and grow in a space of unconditional love.

Each Sunday morning, children and youth join the whole congregation in worship at 10:30am. One child usually volunteers to help light the Christ Candle. Together we sing, we pray, we welcome one another, we share peace. Children are welcome to join Jorden at the table near the front for coloring or other activities related to the weekly theme or story. After the 'Community Conversation'- about 20 minutes into the service - children ages 3+ are invited to Children's Worship for an all-ages spirit-filled experience. Children under 3 are also welcome with an accompanying parent. If you are new to LVUC and you or your child would feel more comfortable having a parent come with them, parents are welcome to join too.

This program format creates a fun and motivating space in which to learn, uses music as a vehicle in which to deepen understanding, and fosters emotional intelligence, compassion, musicality, and other capacities that support spiritual living for all ages.


• Children light their own candle from the Christ Candle and depart to the community room.

• Opening Circle, hello song & check in.
• Story Time 
• Music Activities and Games
• Related lesson for the day.
• Associated games/ songs and music pertaining to the theme/ story or lesson*

• Closing Prayer/ Song
 Music Play ends at 11:40 and is usually either just before or after worship ends. Supervision in the Narthex is provided until worship is concluded. 

*examples COULD include hand drumming, sing along, hand bells, parachute or other music games and MUCH more

Facilitated by Jorden Liteplo, Music Therapist



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