The Board of Governance is the decision-making body of the congregation.

For 2020-21 the Board members are:

Judith Clark (July 1st - November 11th, 2020) 

Joseph Catlin (December 9, 2020 - June 30th 2021 - appointed by the Board to fill vacancy)

Neil Fancourt

Len Grinke

Shauna Grinke (Chair)

Wendy Harris

Leslie Hemmings

Victoria Fawkes

Rev. Debra Bowman, Lead Minister, is an ex-officio (by office) member of the board.

The Board of Governance operates by policy governance and conducts meetings once a month, usually on the second Wednesday of each month. While members and adherents are welcome to attend meetings to observe, please provide written notification at least one week before the meeting you wish to attend. 

The Board of Trustees is an appointed committee of the Board, made up of elected church members who manage everything pertaining to assets and property (such as investment decisions and insurance), acting on behalf of the congregation and the United Church of Canada.

The congregation holds an Annual General Meeting and occasional Special General Meetings as required.

Minutes of Board of Governance meetings and some older congregational minutes and annual reports are available through the Board of Governance page in the Teams/Lounge section of the website, for which a login is required. If you do not have a login, contact the church office.