Orange Shirt Day - September 30th, 2020  - For more info of what this day represents, and the story behind it all, please click on this link: Orange Shirt Day


Pride Week  (July 27 -August 3, 2020)- What does that mean to our First Nations people?

Have you ever heard the phrase "Two-Spirit" and wondered what it meant?  Well if so, here is a link by Reconciliation Matters Newsletter ( Two-Spirit

Guatemala support (June 2020)

Lynn Valley United Church has worked with World Pilgrim Global Educational tours for many years. We have learned of the decades-long struggle in Guatemala for social justice. Members of our church were about to travel there again in April of this year, but due to the pandemic, World Pilgrim tours have, like everyone else, been put on hold. Because of this pandemic, they have been struggling, and have created a small on-line store of crafts that were created by the various artists in Guatemala. It's never too early to think about Christmas shopping!  Here is their link:


Attend Squamish First Nations 'Shaker Church'

On Saturday, Mar 7th,2020- we will attend our 2nd visit to the Squamish First Nation's Shaker Church (on Capilano reserve).  The Shaker Church is based on a re-imagination of Jesus Christ into a spirit power in a CoastSalish tradition. If it's your first time, come and experience something you have never experienced before. A light meal will follow.  This is an evening event starting at 7pm.


Indigenous Cultural Tour of Vancouver spots:

On Sept 28th, 2019, LVUC joined St. Andrews-Wesley church on a Squamish led Cultural tour of Stanley Park and Senakw (original Squamish Nation village under Burrard Bridge), and Vanier Park. A wonderful sharing of stories of the history of these areas.  Due to demand, an additional tour may occur.  Details will be provided then.


 Kairos Blanket Exercise:

On February 2, 2019, LVUC Social Justice Team hosted the Kairos Blanket Exercise for 33 attendees.  This is a participatory history lesson and powerful tool for understanding the indigenous experience in Canada. For more information about this event and other events across Canada, please go HERE


Water Advisories on Reserves 

One of the many things we learned about from the Blanket Exercise and the Book Study of The Inconvenient Indian is the dire situation of water services on many reserves. At any given time there are more than 100 water advisories (each of which could affect up to 5000 people) on Indian Reserves across Canada.  This shocked us! The Council of Canadians has launched an advocacy campaign to encourage Prime Minister Trudeau to fulfill his promise made in 2015 to end long-term drinking water advisories on Indian Reserves by 2020. 

We submitted letters signed by 34 congregation members/adherents to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Indigenous Services, and Jonathan Wilkinson, our local MP. We received a response from the Prime Minister's Office acknowledging our concerns. See attached file.