Lynn Valley Voices and Lynn Valley Church are following guidelines set out by municipal, provincial and national public health agencies, and are guided by best practices and research provided by choral agencies such as Choral Canada and the American Choral Directors Association.  


Current Protocols (as of August 26, 2021)

-  As per current provincial Public Health orders, all singers must have received one dose of vaccination by September 13, 2021, and a second dose by October 24, 2021.  Proof of vaccination may be require per goverment direction.

-  Any particpants experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms are asked to not participate in the choir activites or until they receive a negative COVID test, and to advise Music Minister, Frank Zieginson of your condition. 

-  Sanitzation stations will be available with hand sanitizers and limited disposable masks.

-  Maintenance of physical distancing between singers during rehearsals will be required and seating arrangements will be staggered, and when ever possible, singers will not directly face each other. 

-  Mandatory use of masks are required in all public spaces, this includes during rehearsals (until such time as PHO change). 

-  No sharing of water bottles, sheet music, pencils, or food (except with choir members from the same household or are in the same bubble).


Protocols will continue to adapt in order to accommodate:

-  changes to the number of COVID-19 infections in Greater Vancouver and/or the rate of increase of infections.

-  changes to the public health guidelines.

-  presence of COVID-19 exposure within the choir.

-  new information on best practices of singing during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


COVID-19 exposure response plan:

-  if a participant has a confirmed case of COVID-19, please notify Frank Zieginson.  We will comply with public health responses and notify anyone who was at rehearsals that might have had risk of exposure. 

-  If a participant has been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case, or has cold or flu-like symptoms, we ask that they notify Frank Zieginson and refrain from attending rehearsal.  The participant is asked to provied written confirmation of a negative test result before attending rehearsal.  

-  If a participant is unknowingly exposed prior to a rehearsal we will. notify participants at that reheasal and follow current Public Health guidance for next steps.