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There is a leader in every chair at Lynn Valley United Church and this invitation is for everyone.
The Community Engagement Circle is an integrated involvement in our community’s development. This provides an opportunity for growth and leadership development.
This is very important in a society that moves quickly. In this fast-paced world, leaders operate in a reality that is filled with complexity, ambiguity, volatility, and uncertainty. Leaders are required to make decisions, think systemically, be authentic, and build relationships in church, private and public life.
By meeting as a Community Engagement Circle, teams, groups, and committees discuss issues affecting our Community of Faith, celebrate milestones, brainstorm challenges, and inform one another of plans as well as provide time to bond together as a community and build and deepen authentic relationships.

Each group is asked to send at least one representative. Please note that you do not need to be a team member, committee person or staff to attend. If you feel called to this level of participation in the church, this is your opportunity to attend.