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When we think about the three wise men we often picture young children draped in colourful bathrobes, Burger King crowns on their heads, hovering somewhat ineffectually around a chaotic manger scene. But, as is often the case with our faith story, the reality of the situation was much less romantic and charming and much more filled with danger and intrigue, as well as reverence.

The magi were Zoroastrian priests. They too were in search of the next great prophet. They too expected the next great leader to be born of a young virgin, and for the location of the child to be marked by a star. And they too recognized that this child’s life was in danger, as are the lives of many who threaten the stability of oppressive regimes.

This Sunday we will dip once more into the story of the wise men, and see how very relevant their story is in our world today. And, you get to sing that grand old carol -

We Three Kings of Orient Are. See you Sunday.

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