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You will see a phrase all over the church website and social media accounts that is often spoken in the opening invitation to worship on Sundays… “ Whoever you are, wherever you are on your (faith) journey, there is a place for you here.”
In the past 15 years or so since this congregation adopted this mantra as a desired way of being, I have witnessed this statement become an honest and lived-out reality of the openness and acceptance of this particular church community. And as much as the statement comes with an invitation, it also bears a curious question- how do you know where your journey begins and where your next step might be? 
For me, the labyrinth at Lynn Valley United has provided the perfect physical, spiritual and symbolic metaphor for this curious inquiry. There is an energetic force that I feel every time I step intentionally on that sacred design. I continue to be amazed and fascinated at the interconnection of faith, science, historical significance and mysticism of its winding design. 
As one of the labyrinth facilitators, trained through the Veriditas organization out of San Francisco (the only organization in North America with a recognized training program for the labyrinth) I am constantly seeking more information about the history, uses through history and potential for self discovery. As much as I am constantly learning about the archetype, I marvel at the realization that I learn something new about myself every time I walk it.
Walking the labyrinth is an important part of my spiritual journey because it’s where I navigate the twists and turns of my experiences in life as a beloved child of the Divine. It’s a safe, intimate place where I unburden myself of questions, seek connection, open my heart to accept forgiveness and grace, release regret and disappointment and count my blessings. I know the way by heart and know the labyrinth is there whenever I need it.
There are many ways to step into connection and community… the labyrinth is one way to give the journey meaning and take you deep into your own heart.
Wherever you are on your journey, there is a place for you on the labyrinth- and I  hope to meet you on the path along the way.

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