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 Being both new to Canada and new to the United Church of Canada I wondered what was meant when the United Church of Canada talked about Mission and Service. I found the information on the United Church of Canada website, it provided me with something to think about in considering what the Lord would have me to do with the abundance He has provided.

7 Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 8 And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work. (2 Corinthians 9:7 & 8, NRSV)

The following excerpts were taken from the United Church of Canada website and provide some valuable insight into what Mission and Service is about.

The people of the United Church are committed to turning compassion into action.

Compassion lies at the heart of generosity.

From serving a hot meal at a local soup kitchen, to visiting a lonely neighbor, to financially supporting those in need in our local communities and around the world, the people of the United Church are committed to turning compassion into action.

In the last year alone, those who attend and support The United Church of Canada gave over $26 million to people in need and projects that matter. 

How did we raise over $26 million in a year? 

It’s pretty basic. We share.

United Church people across the country join together to share what we can. We give to people and places in need through a unified fund called Mission and Service.

What does Mission and Service do? 

We share our resources with three goals in mind:

  • to transform and save lives
  • to inspire meaning and purpose
  • to build a better world 

How do you transform and save lives through Mission and Service? 

To put it simply, we help.

Locally, we help people in need by supporting homeless shelters, food banks, soup kitchens, and refugee programs. We help young people on campuses and through camping outreach. We help people who are sick or at the end of life by supporting addiction, mental health, and counseling services, and hospice care. And much more… 

Globally, we help people access clean water, food, and medical care. We support skills training and economic development. We help with peace-making and sustainable agriculture efforts. We provide disaster relief and advocate for the rights of those who all too often don’t get a say, like children and migrant workers. 

How does Mission and Service inspire people to live with meaning and purpose? 

We support opportunities for people to grow spiritually in all kinds of ways.

Locally, we support theological schools and education/retreat centres. We support events that promote spiritual development and personal reflection. We support new and innovative ministries, as well as communities of faith that are remote or in need. Globally, we support church organizations that work with theological schools, and we support places that offer practical training in agriculture and health.

It’s a win-win. We trust that when people are in tune with their meaning and purpose, they will naturally want to save and change lives and make the world a better place for all.

 Global Emergency Response

When emergencies strike, people need help right away. First with the basics―shelter, food, clothing―and then with rebuilding. United Church partners and ecumenical relationships in over 120 countries are on the ground and able to assess what’s needed. Partners respond to those in need, and the United Church can help support their efforts. 

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