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During Lent, we will be exploring this theme and the cost of Jesus’ discipleship. We will combine this with our annual stewardship campaign which seeks to answer the questions – what is God up to in and through our community, how does our church serve the world, how have we been touched by the church, and what should be our response. These topics will be addressed in part in brief testimonials presented during Sunday worship as we explore gratitude, commitment, service with feeling, trusting in abundance and thanksgiving.

The Finance Team and Rev. Bowman originally planned for a stewardship campaign last October but decided that uncertainty around the impact of Covid in the months leading up to that time made this a challenging proposition. We recognize that the pandemic is still with us in significant force, but also that this is a topic that we still need to review on a regular basis.

As disciples of Christ, we are stewards of all the gifts that God has bestowed upon us.  We each need to discern how we should manage all aspects of this responsibility. At this time, it is difficult for many to donate their time and talents with the church facilities being closed. However, the church still has operational and staffing costs to meet and so we need to ask everyone to consider how they can also financially provide support.

We readily acknowledge that this past year has been one of a significant financial challenge for some. We are not asking anyone to do more than they feel they can handle. Each of us has to answer the call of discipleship as we feel able.
More details on the specific process will be announced over the coming weeks.
However, it is clear that we cannot hold a Commitment Sunday service or celebration
lunch as we have in the recent past.

Stay tuned for additional details and prayerfully consider how you may perform your
discipleship within the faith community of Lynn Valley United Church.

Thank you for your past, present, and future support; it is very much appreciated.

Roger Eastwood
On behalf of the Finance Team

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