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Cleopatra bet her lover Marc Antony that she could consume ten million sesterces (more than one million dollars) at one banquet. Presumably, he took the bet. For dessert, her servants brought her a plate of vinegar. She placed one of her pearl earrings in it, watched it dissolve, and then drank the residue. (A-J Levine, Short Stories by Jesus) 

Jesus tells his listeners that the kingdom of God is like a merchant who goes after the most valuable pearl, and when he finds it, he sells everything to possess it. Note that the kingdom isn’t the pearl - it’s the merchant who sought it out, and gave everything to have it. 
Is there one thing that you would give everything to possess? One experience that you would sell everything you have to be part of? Maybe there is something in retrospect you realize you gave up too much to achieve or to gain? Once again we are confronted and confounded by one of Jesus’ parables. Morgan Ryder, a student minister to congregations in Burns Lake, Houston, Fraser Lake, and Vanderhoof will be our guest preacher this Sunday, part of the ‘parable pulpit exchange’ that we are sharing in over a few weeks.  Join us as we listen for a word and some wisdom from Jesus, and together consider what the parable says to a community of faith.
And now I want to know what Marc Antony put on the table as part of the wager!

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