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Take a stand against violence toward Indigenous women, girls, and LGBTQIA+2S people.

Started along Canada’s infamous Highway of Tears, the Moose Hide Campaign (Opens in a new tab) is an Indigenous-led grassroots movement of men, boys and all Canadians who are standing up against violence towards women, girls, and 2S people.
By wearing a moose hide pin and participating in Moose Hide Campaign Day on May 11, millions of Canadians are making meaningful progress towards reconciliation and the creation of a country where violence against women and children is no longer allowed to flourish in the shadows.

Things we can do to support this movement:

  • Wear and share the Moose Hide Pin. Some of these pins will be available on May 7 at LVUC.
  • Attend the Moose Hide Campaign’s free virtual ceremony, or one of the live interactive workshops happening on May 11, 2023. Find more information and register here (opens in a new tab). Registering for the event will grant you full access to the recordings and rich resources for the entire year. Use whatever parts are helpful when it is most convenient for your group.
  • We will be sharing news about the campaign in our church service on Sunday, May 7.
  • Post pictures of you and your Moose Hide pin on social media. Please use the hashtags #MooseHideCampaign, #MooseHideCampaignDay, #UCCan, and #MMIWG2S.
  • Remember that the message of the Moose Hide Campaign goes beyond May 11. Look for other opportunities throughout the year to let Indigenous peoples and all levels of government know that Indigenous women, girls, and 2S people are valued and that we demand a drastic shift in how these cases are handled.
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