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Make Your Voice Matter

Do you ever feel like you are just a drop of water in a big pond? What does it matter what we think or say or even do?  This week we have been reminded again about the terrible experiences which marginalized communities have undergone.

“Every Child Matters” has been the slogan for the Orange Shirt campaign to raise awareness of the abuses suffered at the Indian Residential Schools. Many of us donned our orange shirts today to say that we have heard and want to do something more than just listen and be horrified. We want to be able to take some sort of action.

Our Social Justice Team hosted a number of powerful educational opportunities where everyone was invited to learn about the struggles of our Indigenous neighbors. Personally, I hope that when we are able to gather in person again that we can reignite those passions for Social Justice.  This past Sunday we heard from Giselle about the injustices faced by the black communities across Canada and specifically across the water in Vancouver where Hogan’s Alley was bulldozed to make way for the Georgia Viaduct. Giselle challenged us all to research and learn about what has happened in our own backyards.

The Affirming Ministry Committee will be holding the official vote on whether our congregation will become an official member of Affirm United as part of the AGM on June 27th.  Here you do matter. Here you can make a difference. Here we can all take a step towards making the world a better, safer, kinder, more accepting place for the LGBTQIA2S+ community and by extension, all other marginalized communities.

Please plan to attend the AGM. And please vote YES!

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