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Throughout this past year, Lynn Valley United Church has experienced turmoil, with a global pandemic, and a change in staff personnel, the Board of Governance and the Ministry and Personnel Committee turned to the Pacific Mountain Region for support, with their response a reassuring and regular “How can we help?” 
It is with a deep and profound gratitude that the Board of Governance would like to introduce you to Rev. Graham Brownmiller as the Pastoral Charge Supervisor for Lynn Valley United Church.
You might now be asking “Who is this person and what is this role all about?”  We will attempt to answer those questions, and acknowledge we are embarking on a journey of co-created experiences that “answers” do not and cannot cover.  
Rev. Brownmiller is an ordained United Church Minister with decades of experience in congregational ministry, Regional and National  level work in a variety of capacities. He is currently the Lead Minister at Jubilee United in Burnaby, so we are not likely to see him in the building on a Sunday morning. Some of the folk in our community know Graham well, having volunteered or worked with him over the years, others have attended functions with him like Fiesta Guatemala and Pride at the Pier…. the rest of you will have the pleasure of meeting him in due course. You can read what he says about himself HERE ( 
A Pastoral Charge Supervisor is typically assigned when a community of faith is operating without a Minister, but can also serve when the Office of Vocation (Regional or National) deems it necessary or, as is the case with Lynn Valley United, when the Region determines it would be beneficial. It is a limited relationship that will end, for this congregation, when a new Coordinating minister is in place. The role includes working with the Board of Governance, M&P and chairing the LVUC Transition Team - in this role he will attend Board meetings. This work will help us establish a path forward and imagine a continued presence for the United Church in Lynn Valley.
In the coming months, Graham will facilitate, encourage and support our community to be one of mutual respect, expressed faith, and engagement. This is a time for healing, reconnecting, listening and learning. It is a time for imagining a future together and celebrating the passion and faith that has brought us here. 

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