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The North Shore Women’s Centre is a little known but very important service on the North Shore.   There are 4 – 5 members of staff who are really semi – volunteer because of the low funding, but are dedicated, compassionate women who are committed to helping the less fortunate women of all ages who live on the North Shore.   They provide workshops on various topics – anti – racism, winter gardening, tech access, financial literacy and home repairs to name but a few.  They also lend willing ears to the women, many of whom are in abusive or lonely relationships, and who need to talk it out.  Also available when possible are legal advisers, healthy exercise sessions, free toiletries and food when donated by businesses or individuals.   They also help single mothers, teenage girls with empowerment and other such self esteem programs.   I have always been interested in the rights and needs of women – (I was involved in the British Columbia Teachers Federation status of women when working) and was delighted when a friend, Joy Fai, invited me to apply to sit on the North Shore Women’s Centre Board about 5 years ago.  I feel as a woman who has had a privileged and supported life that it is my duty and pleasure to do what I can for these women who have not been so lucky in their lives.   At the moment the Centre is situated on 2nd Street in North Vancouver and helps any woman residing on the North Shore.

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