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And so this is Christmas. It may seem early to celebrate Christmas, but this Sunday that’s just what we’ll do. We started Advent a week early so that by Dec. 20 we could have a full observance of the birth of Jesus. This was all planned of course when we thought we’d be back into the church long before Christmas. Given that ‘normally’ often people are not available to worship on Christmas Eve, with traveling, last-minute preparations, hosting gatherings, we wanted to give ourselves a Sunday to fully mark the birth of Christ. Everything of course has changed – I trust you’ll all be available to worship at one of the Christmas Eve services – what else are you going to do!?

This Sunday we will hear the story of the birth of Jesus, through readings and song. We’ll sing carols and I’ll reflect on the meaning of the day.
Christmas Eve at 3:00, 5:00, and 7:00 the Family Service will be streaming on Facebook, and at 9:00 there will be a service with candles, communion, and a reflection on the story of Christ’s birth. Go to the website for links and please, come to celebrate Christ and worship with your friends and people you may have never met before.  Have a candle ready, and for the 9:00 pm service have some bread and wine for communion.
Many blessings in these days of both busy preparation, and weirdly quiet moments.

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Marilyn Mann about 1 month ago

Thank you to the ministers, staff, musicians and anyone else involved who have prepared for the services for our Christmas here in our beloved community of Faith. I look forward to taking part in them. So important to have the opportunity to celebrate and share the Love.
Blessings ,

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