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On behalf of the committee I would like to announce that LVUC has a new Minister!

On Sunday, March 14th, 2021 the Search Committee put forward the name of the Reverend Franklyn James to the congregation to be called as the new Coordinating Minister at Lynn Valley United Church.

The motion was passed and we can all now look forward to welcoming Rev. James to his new call as of July 1, 2021!  Rev. James is the current Minister at both St. Andrew's Church in Enderby, B.C and Zion United Church in Armstrong, B.C.  Rev. James originally hails from Kingston, Jamaica and, is looking forward to moving to North Vancouver.
Rev. James is an accomplished scholar who has a keen desire to share the ways of discipleship. He is a champion for the work of our affirming committee, upholds social justice and, is a community builder. His leadership presence will be a wonderful addition to our community. The search committee has already
come to know Rev. James as a warm and authentic person with a great sense of humour.  Rev. Deb let me know today that he has now met Rev. Eric and Moana (Frank is on vacation) and was taken on a 'virtual tour' of the church.

The Search Committee will be working closely with the M&P committee, the staff team and, the Board of Governance over the next three months as we all prepare for his arrival.

Many of you have already indicated that you wish to be involved with the process of welcoming Reverend James to our faith community and the broader community of Lynn Valley.  I am gathering the names of those who wish to be involved. Please email me at if this is you :)

As the Chair of the search committee, I  would like to take this moment to thank each member of the team. Sheila Fee, Mary Yan, Kane Schutz and, Joe Catlin have spent countless hours in the faithful work of the committee. It was no small task. Your dedication and your commitment to the process have been remarkable. Thank You so very much. I would also like to thank Rev. Deb in her role as our wonderful advisor in the process and to Marc Coulombe (our representative from the Pacific Mountain Region) for his extraordinary guidance. Moana`s support in the office has been a gift to us. Niki, Thank You for creating a safe, clean space for those without technology.

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Jess Ayers 10 months ago

Exciting times indeed. Welcome Reverend James! Thank you Search Committee, and to all those behind the scenes in helping make the process of finding a new minister for LVUC - especially during COVID!

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