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Nature Encounter as a Spiritual practice

Kimiko Karpoff began her interim work with LVUC as Minister for Faith Formation this week and the question of spiritual practice (as in what was her favorite) came up during the community conversation. She mentioned picking blackberries and referenced a blog she posted a while back... so here is a LINK to that... Read More

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Walking the Solstice Sunset 'Soul Stroll'

Today Kelly and Marilyn hosted the Solstice Sunset 'Soul Stroll' which was a great excuse to wander down to LVUC. Now I'm a big fan of the new Labyrinth but I find myself spending more time on it setting up or putting away chairs, than actually walking the Labyrinth. Tonight was a wonderful evening to go for a... Read More

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Storytelling and Forgiveness

Last Friday was another great FNL experience this time with dancer and storyteller Nyla Carpentier. Sharing our stories has always been important at FNL and it was great to have a show featuring a great storyteller. Sure she danced and by the end of the night she had everyone up and dancing the steps she showed... Read More

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A Gathering of Community

Not having a fixed format for FNL has allowed us to experiment and this evening was no exception. Matt Grinke has been our 'house' musician for FNL for the past 5 years but tonight Matt was the entire show. In fact Matt is still going as the show ended an hour ago but he still has 21 hours left to go in his 24... Read More


Why Do We Care About Syria?

  Why Do We Care About Syria?   We may have never been there, or even seen photos or videos, but people live there. It was a bustling modern country, until diplomatic reason was severed, and war took over. And, well, frankly, so many countries have been at war for so long, it simply doesn’t register anymore. Life... Read More


Friday Night Live - a kairos moment

A week later, Christ's community gathered the folks at the centre of the Labyrinth.  The piano was there flanked by two black stools.  When the time was right, three musicians (Quiet Hearts Ensemble) found their way to the centre of the Labyrinth and within seconds those who had gathered around the circle were... Read More


Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey, and sometimes the path infront of you takes unexpected turns. Sometimes those turns take the form of heartache and sorrow, leaving you wondering how you can go on, wondering would you have taken that path if you'd known where it led, wondering if there was a different path that would have led to... Read More

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Thin Places and Seeing Things with a New Light

This was a very hard week for me, full of anxiety, disappointment, loss, and the knowledge that next week will only be far worse. Friday crept up on me from behind, tapped me on the shoulder and all of a sudden I found myself setting up for FNL. The weather was horrid, and with one of my favourite performers... Read More


Liminal Places

Walking a labyrinth has been described as a 'liminal' experience. This is what I learned from Marilyn Mann during our open house in the new building. But "what is a liminal space", was the question and how is this relavent to LVUC at this time.  This evening was our first Friday Night Live in the new space, and... Read More


Check out a fresh, new format!

Friday Night Live re-opens  in our new home at Lynn Valley United on January 27th, 2017 Those who have followed the FNL journey for the past few years will know there's been continual innovation to respond to the input and energy of our FNL community. Combining this feedback and the vision of how FNL can truly be... Read More