Day 6

Power... the addition of a new little powerhouse got me thinking- Today I watched the trailer that will house the power access for the construction site get delivered. I considered the word "power" as the little box settled in place- the winch holding up the tiny shell of a building, barely straining as it lifted,... Read More  


Change ...

Yesterday, as I watched the start of the demolition of the church, a mom said her little boy "'ll never see anything like this again in your life!"  This casual exchange has stuck with me. Possibly because I really hope I never see anything like this again. Watching the building come down is a flood of... Read More  


Demolition Day!

I saw the gate open at the church today, so I went over to ask if the crew had any idea when demolition would begin... " oh, in about 15 minutes" says the gent, so seriously, I thought he was joking. But no joke.  I run to grab my camera and start recording (after calling and texting a few folk). Here's how I... Read More  


Day Four

The story we create... Someone once said that seeing is believing... and I know that what I think I see (and /or know) is not always what "is." People are amazing puzzle- solvers -the ability to see more than what is there is what has given us innovations galore: telecommunications, medical breakthroughs, space... Read More  


Day Three

A physical manifestation of change...  The construction fencing has appeared around the church property. The first real, visible sign that the property redevelopment might actually take place. The project has taken up so much energy in my life that it is hard to imagine that there is anyone within 1000kms who... Read More  


Day Two

When I was young, I loved those "What's Different" puzzles- sometimes the changes were so imperceptible, so subtle that even after seeing it I might not find it again. I have discovered that there is something different today. Of course, the angle of the photos might make it difficult to see, but there is... Read More  


Day One

Today I start a new regime- no, not a diet (although that does not mean I am not limiting intake of calories at this time), or cleanse or exercise routine, nor is it anything on the self-improvement spectrum... that is all far too "usual". Today I begin to document, via the camera in my iPhone, the redevelopment... Read More  


Meeting Place

I have just come back from two full week vacation... the first time in all the years I have worked at Lynn Valley United that I have taken two weeks in a row away from church.  My time away from work was fantastic with the first half being a smorgasbord of family activities- from special birthday... Read More  


Responsibility: the nexus of possibility

I'm capitvated by Peter Block's writing in "Community; the struture of belonging."  Thank you to Deborah Bowman at Ryerson United Church for introducing me, and all the participants at the most recent United Church Leadership Development Program - Sowing Promise, Growing Leaders. It's not a book about... Read More  


A Word Spoken, a Hope Revealed

Last Saturday, I was part of a group of folks from all over the Lower Mainland who met up at the Hilton at Metrotown in Burnaby to get a small taste of the “Greenbelt” experience. For those who don’t know, Greenbelt began in 1974 as a “Christian Music Festival” in England attended by... Read More