Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey, and sometimes the path infront of you takes unexpected turns. Sometimes those turns take the form of heartache and sorrow, leaving you wondering how you can go on, wondering would you have taken that path if you'd known where it led, wondering if there was a different path that would have led to... Read More

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Thin Places and Seeing Things with a New Light

This was a very hard week for me, full of anxiety, disappointment, loss, and the knowledge that next week will only be far worse. Friday crept up on me from behind, tapped me on the shoulder and all of a sudden I found myself setting up for FNL. The weather was horrid, and with one of my favourite performers... Read More


Liminal Places

Walking a labyrinth has been described as a 'liminal' experience. This is what I learned from Marilyn Mann during our open house in the new building. But "what is a liminal space", was the question and how is this relavent to LVUC at this time.  This evening was our first Friday Night Live in the new space, and... Read More


Check out a fresh, new format!

Friday Night Live re-opens  in our new home at Lynn Valley United on January 27th, 2017 Those who have followed the FNL journey for the past few years will know there's been continual innovation to respond to the input and energy of our FNL community. Combining this feedback and the vision of how FNL can truly be... Read More

Christmas on the move

We'll Be Home for Christmas!

There's no place like home for the holy days! Annoucning the plan to move Sunday Worship services into a beautiful new spiritual home for the congregation on Sunday, December 18! The office and church programs and events will move in as volunteers and staff find time over the next month... and watch for an... Read More

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Board of Governance Reviews LVUC Mission Strategy

After 6 years of operating from a set of assumptions and plans, the Board of Governance tabled its review of the mission strategy at it's October meeting.  The report is a synthesus and interpretation of the annual reports of the previous six years and summarizes the accomplishments and the challenges.   Read More

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Teaching by Doing...

Wanna make some cookies? I can't think of anyone who doesn't LOVE homemade cookies... but who has time to bake these days? It is a rare thing to take time to whip up a giant batch of cookies- even rarer for people to then plan to give them away. It's an even rarer opportunity for an elder to get to work with... Read More


Work Out Your Compassion!

September - that time of fresh beginnings and new lessons, of re-connecting and sharing tales of summer adventures, of setting goals and reflecting on changes from the past year. Some think of New Year's Eve as the time for this refelction, but it is really the school year that dictates the season of beginnings.... Read More


Fare-Well Sophia

Sunday, September 28th is Sophia's last time of leadership in worship at Lynn Valley United. This is an open invitation to anyone who has been in ministry- as part of a group, a team, an event, or any other sacred relationship- with Sophia over the past 3 years to come and celebrate a bold step onto an unfolding... Read More


Another July Birthday Blockbuster!

As if July wasn't chock-a-blok full of birthdays (including Blair, Matt and Kelly) -our dear friend Bud, who isn't often with us in church these days, spent today celebrating his 97th birthday! & thanks Marion for the regular visits that help keep Bud connected. A huge happy birthday to Bud... wishing you an... Read More