Social Justice and Outreach

Social Justice and Outreach

Seek justice...

Love kindness...

Walk humbly...

The Social Justice and Outreach Team is a group of people of all ages who are passionate about advocacy, action and consideration for people who find themselves challenged by daily life- the ones who often have no voice to even ask for help.
The cure for poverty, unseen barriers, addiction, cruel circumstances, health issues, natural disasters and disasters of our own making is not within our grasp... but the compassion to care for others and to work towards ending suffering is.  That is the task undertaken by the Social Justice and Outreach Team, which you are invited to join- you do not need to attend LVUC, just have a passion to "be the change you want to see in the world."
The team seeks ways to support local community, national and international agencies, sharing stories about their work as a means of inspiration, advocacy and education.  The team does not meet regularly, so contact Judith Clark (see our Directory!) or another member of the Social Justice team to find out when the next meeting is sheduled.
A special joint venture with other United Churches on the North Shore is underway to sponsor 2 Syrian families...
Respecting the needs for privacy, security and concerns for safe resettlement for this family, no names, photos or locations will be posted. 
The family arrived in April - aftert 15 months of waiting once we had connected through CIS!
The young folk are now working with tutors, enrolled in summer school and looking for work around that schedule (those old enough to work) while adults are working to improve English skills, get driver's permits and immerse themselves in learning about their new home.
Your prayers and supportive thoughts are invited, and you can Read the article in the North Shore News for some background or visit our NEWS page. You can give action to your prayers by donating online or contact the church office to arrange making a donation in person.
Other Ongoing SJOT Projects include-
  • Making sandwiches for the homeless in Lynn Valley/ North Vancouver through an ongoing relationship with the North and West Vancouver Canadian Mental Health Association.
  • Encouraging Lynn Valley United Church in the process of becoming an Affirming Ministry
  • Community and congregational educational events 
  • Supporting and sharing information regarding appeals and projects of the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada
  • Supporting First United Church Community Ministry (Vancouver DTES)
  • Working in cooperation with the LVUC Children, Youth and Family Ministry Team to support Camp Fircom.
As well as being on this team, some members serve or represent other local Community & Social Action Committees:
  • Lynn Valley Community Association
  • North Shore Homelessness Action 
  • North Shore Women's Centre
  • Presentation House Theatre
  • First United (downtown Eastside)
  • Van Yaya/ Polaris/ Camp Fircom
  • LV Seniors Association
  • Spirited Social Change
  • Lynn Valley Community Garden & Plan Bee (Mason bee nurture)

I want to help- please let me know where my skills can be used!

Please share info about what you feel passionate about (such as the environment, helping refugees, homelessness, international aid, fundraising ideas, etc...).



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