Thoughts on the Currency of Truth

I've been thinking a lot lately about Sophia's sermon on the currency of truth. We all get our own thing from a sermon but here are a few thoughts on what this particular sermon stirred up for me.  The Spirit In and Among Us What I took away was an understanding that we should be open to searching for the... Read More  


How Will We Make Room?

My adult son shared a  Facebook post... The thing about humour is there is always a jarring nugget of truth at the heart of it. Way back in September, the ministers put their heads together to figure out which scriptures to use through to the end of the year. It is interesting that a working title for... Read More  


Just Eat It

Following up on the Lunch and Learn event on October 4, Jen Rustemeyer let us know that her film "Just Eat It" is available to view online and can be found by clicking HERE. A huge thank you to the Social Justice and Outreach Team for feeding the multitude and bringing together such a diverse and... Read More  


Something's Changed...

Autumn is a time that I look for and notice that things are changing... when days are shorter, the nights are cool, leaves are changing colour and I marvel at the interconnectedness of the world and all of its systems. The truth is that the changes have been taking place for months, for millenium, for... Read More  

'Music Play' Intro for Welcome Sunday

Sophia has invited music therapist and educator, Jorden Liteplo to co-create a new curriculum for LVUC's Children's Program each week with an innovative approach to church that uses music and movement called "Music Play"  At the "Welcome Sunday" event on September 20, Jorden gave a demonstration for the whole... Read More  

A Gift of Music from Amy Stephen

In her second week as staff, Lynn Valley United Church's new minister of music dives into the role by leading music throughout the service and providing the gift of music in worship! Enjoy her rendition of Bruce Cockburn's "All the Diamonds."  I am certain we are going to enjoy having Amy with us in... Read More  


Music in the Park!

Over 40 people from LVUC's various portals joined hundreds of others in the North Shore community to attend Music in the Park - a free summer concert series that takes place every year at Cleveland Park in North Vancouver, and features local, up-and-coming musicians. The concerts are set against the... Read More  


Our Fall Program Guide is here!

We are thrilled to introduce our Fall Program Guide! We have amazing programs for people of all ages and interests.  From spiritual discovery to celebrating through music; from developmental time for mom and kids to experiencing Life. Unscripted. through the magic of musical improv at Friday Night... Read More  

Changing- For Good!

Blair and Megan have blended their voices once again to offer a gift of muisc for worship on Sunday... so enjoy this rendition of "For Good" from the hit Broadway musical "Wicked."  Read More  


Dev #16- Form

Walking past the worksite this morning I had a number of questions swirling in my head... partly a reflection of what is emerging in the tangible form of wood framing and concrete walls, and partly abstract, distracted thinking that goes on as I grapple with which of the many ideas swirling in my... Read More