A momentary glimpse

Thinking of what to say and actually saying it are sometimes worlds of understanding apart.  Our Children Youth and Family Coordinator, Sophia, is a pro at "going with... Read More

Where is the "new" "emerging" "evolving"

"When I came among you it was in weakness and fear, and with much trepidation."  1 Corinthians 2:3 Paul puts the truth before us.  It's a glimpse of the... Read More

Leadership Emerging

I spent the last three days participating on the BC Conference Candidacy and Admissions Board, interviewing candidates for ministry.  Some were seeking an invitation to... Read More

Church Life

I marvel at the beauty of a crisp clear early autumn day- there really is nothing like it! To witness a tangible shift in the spectrum from greens and golds to reds and... Read More

Dusty Angels

I was walking Bella (the church office dog) through the parking lot to the woods at the back of the church before heading into work this morning when I noticed something shiny... Read More

Sharing the Stories of Our Lives

So, as a member of the promotions team I was asked to attend a communications workshop that was facilitated by the webhost provider we use.  I'm never sure what these... Read More

Leading or Mending Nets?

I was at a meeting of the church's next level of governance on Tuesday (Vancouver Burrard Presbytery).  It was held at a colleague church in West Point Grey.... Read More

Why do we do it?

                          People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Have a look at the Ted Talks... Read More

Song of the People

Song of the People When I heard John Bell* sing last Tuesday, I knew I would be blogging about the experience. I was at a workshop that Bell led about enlivening... Read More

Breathe, Sing and Live!

I read this morning in the Sun an article about several school districts adopting a curriculum that teaches students self-regulation.  There wasn't any information on... Read More