Goodbye Amy!

Sunday June 26th will be our last Sunday with our music minister Amy, whose presence we've so greatly enjoyed over the past year. Amy started with us in September 2015 and fit right into the LVUC family. It is extremely hard to say goodbye, as we would love to keep her with us; however, we are thrilled that she is... Read More  


Mentoring Blessing

Today I was priviledged to gather with the Sunrisers and a few other church friends at the Black Bear Pub for a luncheon to celebrate the last official Sunrisers' meeting- some half century or so after they formed as the 'younger gals'.  It was interesting that the cummulative total church wisdom in the room was... Read More  


Giving Excess a Second Life

It's spring here in Vancouver- warmer days, birdsong, blossoms and new life all around- constant reminders that we are in a perpetual cycle of renewal, growth, abundance and downtime. In previous years, during this "spring cleaning" season, a group of fundraising volunteers would be encouraging folks to look at... Read More  


A Walk in the Wilderness

I was thinking about the season of Lent... most of my Lenten experiences at Lynn Valley United have been more cerebral in nature, so thinking about Lent is par for the course for me... and found myself getting hooked by the '40 days' scenario. Biblical writers used '40 days' (or years, as with the Isrealites... Read More  


Taking a Closer Look

Jesus is quoted in the gospels to say "The poor you will always have with you." ...With that in mind, the Social Justice and Outreach Team has been asking how do we inform our community about the needs and opportunities to relieve the pressures impacting the lives of our neighbours.  On January 31, the Social... Read More  


Concrete Thinking

The transfromation of our new church from idea to reality hit a new milestone as the concrete was poured to create the floor of the church, giving form to the "foundation." If that traditional hymn "How Firm a Foundation" is not echoing in your head, then you are likely humming "Let Us Build a House!" Construction... Read More  


To Everything There is a Season

"A time to plant, a time to reap" say the lyrics of the Byrds song -based on words from Ecclesiastes (3:1-8). All that happens in between the planting and the reaping is the mysterious action of unknowing. For some people, this action of unknowing symbolizes the work of God in their lives. This week, the... Read More  

Minutelabs chaotic pendulum

Thoughts on the Currency of Truth

I've been thinking a lot lately about Sophia's sermon on the currency of truth. We all get our own thing from a sermon but here are a few thoughts on what this particular sermon stirred up for me.  The Spirit In and Among Us What I took away was an understanding that we should be open to searching for the truth,... Read More  


How Will We Make Room?

My adult son shared a  Facebook post... The thing about humour is there is always a jarring nugget of truth at the heart of it. Way back in September, the ministers put their heads together to figure out which scriptures to use through to the end of the year. It is interesting that a working title for one of the... Read More  

Justeatit fb

Just Eat It

Following up on the Lunch and Learn event on October 4, Jen Rustemeyer let us know that her film "Just Eat It" is available to view online and can be found by clicking HERE. A huge thank you to the Social Justice and Outreach Team for feeding the multitude and bringing together such a diverse and passionate panel... Read More