I am about to leave.  And as I push down the excitement of heading to Guatemala with a group from the church- try to dial back the vibration of anticipation and put into perspective the anxiety that preoccupies me- I find myself thinking about what it is to leave. I think about the spectrum of leavings- for a... Read More

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"When did you know you were dead?"

‘When did you know you were dead?" That was the question from one of the audience members after our performance as part of ‘The Events’ a play on opening night of the PuSh Festival.  You think that was an interesting question, consider taking part in a play where you didn’t know the name of the play, the subject... Read More


LVUC in The Global Canadian

In December, 2017, Marion Kirk and I were eached asked to write a piece for the Dec 15 - 31 edition of the  Global Canadian Newspaper on the topic of Hope and Faith.  I thought I'd share my story here, for those who didn't see our articles in the newspaper.  I feel so blessed to be part of the Lynn Valley United... Read More


Les Truly is More

In the evolution of Friday Night Live, I have observed that a close encounter with the guest artist is what makes the event such a phenomenal experience... and once again, I was touched by the synconicity of time, place and co-creators of experience as Les Finnegan took the stage last Friday. The conversation in... Read More

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Continuing to Respond to the Why....

Life is complicated... busy... stressful... oversheduled... underfinanced... How is it that I can find time for one more thing at the end of the week? It is actually very simple- especially when that one thing gives  balance to my life. Being a volunteer for Friday Night Live rarely feels like "work" because I get... Read More


Fierce Pride

How many of you know a published author? Well, Lynn Valley United has a budding writer in our midst, and to say we are bursting with pride is no exaggeration. The community has watched Jessica grow and develop as a person during her many years as part of this community, and she has inspired and participated  in... Read More



Looking for something new for the family to do during the long days of summer vacation? how about LVUC-to-go? This summer the CYFM team has put together " to-go" boxes with activities, games and ideas for spiritual practices to do on vacation, on the go ...or just to take time to connect (or reconnect) as family.... Read More

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Nature Encounter as a Spiritual practice

Kimiko Karpoff began her interim work with LVUC as Minister for Faith Formation this week and the question of spiritual practice (as in what was her favorite) came up during the community conversation. She mentioned picking blackberries and referenced a blog she posted a while back... so here is a LINK to that... Read More

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Walking the Solstice Sunset 'Soul Stroll'

Today Kelly and Marilyn hosted the Solstice Sunset 'Soul Stroll' which was a great excuse to wander down to LVUC. Now I'm a big fan of the new Labyrinth but I find myself spending more time on it setting up or putting away chairs, than actually walking the Labyrinth. Tonight was a wonderful evening to go for a... Read More