Looking to explore your spirituality by trying out an ancient practice? Lynn Valley Church has the only indoor labyrinth on the North Shore and it's open for you! 

The Labyrinth is available for individual or small group use (whenspace is not booked for an event) during office hours, signaled by the "OPEN" sign outside the main entrance. 

It is also available from 6:30-7:30pm on Wednesday evenings.


Labyrinths are a single pathed maze-like structure that has one clear path to the centre and a clear exit. They have existed since ancient greek times in Greece and Italy. They have been used in Christian worship since the 4th and in medieval times as a form of prayer and worship.   Traditionally labyrinths have been used as an alternative to pilgrimage.

At its core, it is used to connect to God through bodily prayer. It is less of an intellectual exercise and more of a bodily and unconscious one. It can be used in the following three ways:  

Purging- Letting go of painful memories, trauma, emotional baggage, the ending of one phase of life, and moving into a new phase, etc.,.  

Illumination- Looking for an answer to a burning question, making decisions about aspects of your life or spiritual direction  

Connection- Looking to connect more deeply with the Holy, “listening” for God   You can focus on one of these aspects or all three. 

For workshops on the labyrinth, check out our events page! For hours of operation for the labyrinth, check this space! 



Upcoming Events

Labyrinth - Community Drop-In

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 & other dates


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