Children and Family Ministries

Children and Family Ministries

"Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it."       Luke 18:17  NIV

Children live their spirituality through and beyond their senses.  They experience and embrace the mysteries of God and Spirit freely.  Grownups who share the privelege of experiencing God with them readily see the Spirit move in the world and faith is renewed and revitalized

At Lynn Valley United Church:

We believe in supporting families from a holistic perspective - understanding that the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects of our lives are interconnected and essential to our individual and community wellness. 

We believe that inter-generational relationships are essential in supporting the quality of life of young people and families in our community. 

We believe that children have an inherent ability to connect with their own spirit within and with the one Spirit that unites all things.  It is our joy and our responsibility as adults and program leaders to share the riches of the tradition we received from the centuries, and to encourage, support and respect the inherent spiritual gifts of the children who find their way among us.  

Music Play Children's Worship - Sundays, 10 am (Food and gathering) 10:30 am start

The Lynn Valley United Music-Play Children’s Worship is about worship, learning, sharing and having lots of fun!

Through storytelling, singing, art creations, fun-filled Sunday morning gatherings, our children and youth are centered in the presence, of God- moving in their unique essence as they sing and grow in a space of unconditional love.

Each Sunday morning, children and youth join the whole congregation in worship at 10:30am. Together we sing, we pray, we welcome one another, we share peace.  After the 'Community Conversation'- about 20 minutes into the service - children ages 3+ are invited to Children's Worship for an all-ages spirit-filled experience.

This program format creates a fun and motivating space in which to learn, uses music as a vehicle in which to deepen understanding, and fosters emotional intelligence, compassion, musicality, and other capacities that support spiritual living for all ages.

• Opening Circle & Story-time
• Group Sing Along – learn fun, spirited songs
• Music Activities and Games
• Other Creative Arts (drawing/painting/craft, dance, movement)
• Creating music - write a piece of music relevant to current week's theme or set a relevant story to music

Facilitated by Jorden Liteplo, Music Therapist

Friday Night Live - Fridays, 7 pm (Food and Gathering), 7:30 pm start

Gather the folks, break the bread, tell the story.  We do it every Friday night.  Families of all constellations gather as we celebrate Spirit through the performing arts.  Each week features a different performing artist.  Each artist has his or her own creative process, a process for looking within and discovering who they are.  Through intimate interview and personal storytelling, people discover what it means to be a spiritual being on a human journey. 

Children of all ages are enfolded in this all-ages community.  They're encouraged to be who they are as they squiggle and squirm and delight.  Just like the rest of us.


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