• Sunday Experience  Ministry

    Sunday Experience

    At Lynn Valley United Church, the experience we design, create and share together each Sunday is... More  

  • Children and Family Ministries Ministry

    Children and Family Ministries

    Happy New Year from Community Minister for Children, Youth & Familie, Sophia Ducey! The... More  

  • Social Justice and Outreach Ministry

    Social Justice and Outreach

    Seek justice... Love kindness... Walk humbly... The Social Justice and Outreach Team is a... More  

  • Friday Night Live Ministry

    Friday Night Live

    Life. Unscripted. More  

  • Learning Center Ministry

    Learning Center

    We are all spiritual beings on a human journey... what do you do to learn about and practice... More  

  • ByoV Community Choir Ministry

    ByoV Community Choir

    Singing together is a celebration of Spirit in community!    byoV... More  

  • NS Community Drum Circle Ministry

    NS Community Drum Circle

    Lynn Valley United Church hosts the only regular monthly Community Drum Circle on the North... More  

  • Children, Youth & Family Table Ministry

    Children, Youth & Family Table

    The LVUC and community folks that have gathered together to vision and plan for ways we can... More  

  • Faith Formation & Development Ministry

    Faith Formation & Development

    We are engaged in the pursuit of relevant spirituality, offering programs of faith... More  

  • Social Justice and Outreach Team Ministry

    Social Justice and Outreach Team

    Current members of the Social Justice and Outreach Team: Ray Boucher, Judith Clark, Sophia... More  

  • Community Partnerships Ministry

    Community Partnerships

    We are proud to be part of the fabric of the Lynn Valley Community!  Our partnerships are... More  

  • Centering Prayer Ministry

    Centering Prayer

    a practice of consent through contemplation More  

  • Women's Groups Ministry

    Women's Groups

    Women have been gathering at Lynn Valley United Church for as long as there have been more than 2... More  

  • Governance Ministry


    Policy governance is our way of making decisions as a church... More  

  • Pastoral Care Ministry

    Pastoral Care

    compassion and concern shared in community More  

  • Youth Ministry


    In Lynn Valley - there is a positive, inspiring, and inclusive place for youth. Our young... More  

  • Church Governance Ministry

    Church Governance

    deciding what kind of church to be, for whom and at what cost More  

  • Pastoral Care Ministry

    Pastoral Care

    Everyone has a place.  Everyone cares for someone.  "Where two or more are gathered, I... More  

  • Worship Team Ministry

    Worship Team

    The Worship Team has been working hard to gather feedback as they imagine what the next evolution... More  

  • Life.  Right?   Ministry

    Life. Right?

    The new podcast series! More  

  • Seekers Ministry


    Women's Group More  

  • Transformation and Change Ministry Off - No Access

    Transformation and Change

    Lynn Valley United Church is a congregation in transition. For the past 4 years we have been... More  

  • Transition Team Ministry

    Transition Team

    The LVUC Transition Leadership Team's purpose is to help LVUC to be church "out of the box"... More  

  • A community in transition Ministry Off - No Access

    A community in transition

    As the new Lynn Valley United Church is being built, the groups who form the people of Lynn... More  

  • Operations & Finance Ministry

    Operations & Finance

    Team Members are Stan Strilchuk, Bruce Jenner & Blair Odney More  

  • Transition  Leadership Team Ministry

    Transition Leadership Team

    Having created a system to shepherd the congregation out of the church building, this team... More  

  • Leadership Circle Ministry

    Leadership Circle

    using the model of "a leader in every chair' More  

  • Trustees Ministry


    More than Money- The Trustees Foster the Future of LVUC! More