Updates on our Syrian Families

Hello Lynn Valley Congregation and Greater Community, So many of you passionately ask me, as a delegate of the NSURR, what is happening with the two families we are sponsoring, I invite you to read this excerpt from... Read More

Engagement surveys

Surveys Are Out!

Surveys are out! In preparation for the August 6 Leadership Circle Planning Retreat, surveys have been created for the various portals to get feedback about your experience with our events, to help develop and... Read More


We Want to Hear From YOU

LVUC would like to hear back from you about your experience with our events to help develop and improve future programs. In the next week your inbox may contain a survey or two for the programs that have run this... Read More

Some Farewells are Just Hard

This year, Bring Your Own Voice Community Choir welcomed the uber-talented Amy Stephen as choir director (as one of the duties as the minister for music for Lynn Valley United). Through the year, Amy fostered a love... Read More


Looking Forward to Taking a Look at LVUC!

The Annual Report is being prepared and plans are underway for the June 12 Annual General Meeting for Lynn Valley United... what better time to revisit the archival project that was produced as part of moving out of... Read More

What did we learn from Lunch and Learn on Homelessness?

Comments on the Lunch & Learn, prepared by Melissa Neubauer Homelessness on the North Shore – An Invisible Problem. January 31, 2016.   What did you hear that you were not aware of in regards to homelessness on... Read More


Building Update

It's been a while since there have been any pictures of the construction site posted. Mostly because there has been ongoing conversation with the congregation about what kinds of things are wanted for inside the... Read More


Time for Transformation

We've been talking about change for a long time - now it's time for action. Today, 30 years after that first forray into dialogue for healing with an official apology to Canada's First Nations for the church's... Read More


Lil Hits Another Milestone!

After 101 trips around the sun, our Lil Speers spent a little time sharing cake with family of the heart at church this Sunday! She loves a party and we were happy to oblige... Many happy returns! Read More


Putting it all together...

There is a string of lights visible in one of the hallways of the Mill House build site that always captivates me as I walk by. Even more fascinating is that when I try to take a picture of it, the image never seems... Read More