What did we learn from Lunch and Learn on Homelessness?

Comments on the Lunch & Learn, prepared by Melissa Neubauer Homelessness on the North Shore – An Invisible Problem. January 31, 2016.   What did you hear that you were not aware of in regards to homelessness on... Read More  


Building Update

It's been a while since there have been any pictures of the construction site posted. Mostly because there has been ongoing conversation with the congregation about what kinds of things are wanted for inside the... Read More  


Time for Transformation

We've been talking about change for a long time - now it's time for action. Today, 30 years after that first forray into dialogue for healing with an official apology to Canada's First Nations for the church's... Read More  


Lil Hits Another Milestone!

After 101 trips around the sun, our Lil Speers spent a little time sharing cake with family of the heart at church this Sunday! She loves a party and we were happy to oblige... Many happy returns! Read More  


Putting it all together...

There is a string of lights visible in one of the hallways of the Mill House build site that always captivates me as I walk by. Even more fascinating is that when I try to take a picture of it, the image never seems... Read More  


Friday Night Live - Live on Blab with Nathen Aswell

On February 16th, Sophia Ducey, Len Grinke and Shauna Grinke met on line with Nathen Aswell (a keynote speaker, recording artist, and podcaster ..... and future guest of FNL!)  through a collaboration forum called... Read More  


A Christmas Message from Our Syrian Refugees

Through the interpreting skills of the brother of our refugee family the NS United Refugee Response Team sent a Christmas greeting to them and we were thrilled to receive a response! "We have received you message... Read More  


Refugees coming to Canada

I want to share the delightful news from my friend Hrant Tahanian, pastor at St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church of BC.  He has spent the last number of days at the airport welcoming to Vancouver the refugees... Read More  


Life. Right? The Podcast Series

As Lynn Valley United Church continues it's journey of 'nurturing people's faith by learning about, seeking, sharing and celebrating God's love in the world', we wondered about having conversations about the ideas... Read More  


We're Expecting!

In cooperation with other North Shore United Churches, Lynn Valley United Church is bringing a Syrian family to Canada some time in the near future... so we are expecting a family of seven! The horifying photos of a... Read More