After All These Years...

Lynn Valley United Church has been a strong advocate and support for many community groups over the years, but some relationships just stand out more because of the time involved. For almost 4 decades, LVUC has been... Read More  


The Office is Moving!

Lynn Valley United is thrilled to be sharing space with one of our community partners, the North Shore Disability Resource Centre (NSDRC), for the next year and a half while construction on our new church building... Read More  


Messy, Marvelous, Move...

The Exodus has begun... Pews are moving out;  hymnals are being distributed;  furniture is being sold or given away. We are ridding ourselves of 55 years worth of "stuff" and while the process is... Read More  


Partners in Community Building

Community building is not about a physical space, it is the intentional work to create and sustain a strong and healthy community... and we would like to introduce you to some partners working through Friday Night... Read More  


"Off the Wall Auction"

With the date of demolition for the church drawing closer, the Transition Team is inviting groups and individuals to indicate if there is an item (or several items!) that they would like to take home as a reminder... Read More  


Happy Birthday, Bud!

Ninety five years is a long time to be in this world... and our dear friend Bud Sobotin reaches this milestone in his usual quiet, gentle and unassuming way. Bud would tell you his life has been pure blessing- a... Read More  


Give Your Voice to the Community Conversation

A group of dedicated volunteers is embarking on the task of creating a video about the Lynn Valley United Church Community. Partly a way to support the community through the transition process, partly an archival... Read More  


Thank You Lynn Valley!

The 2013-2014 season of Friday Night Live was an amazing success! The volunteers of the FNL production team added new lighting and sound, booked guest performers that knocked our socks off, and promoted them further... Read More  


Welcome New Members

A revitalized tradition at Lynn Valley United Church is welcoming new members to the congregation as part of our Pentecost celebrations. This year we welcomed 7 new members to the congregation! Please join us in... Read More  


Announcing our "Not New" Minister!

Last fall, we welcomed Sophia Ducey to a temporary part-time position at Lynn Valley United Church as Community Minister for Children, Youth and Families ... the congregation is thrilled to announce that after going... Read More