Why do we do it?

                          People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Have a look at the Ted Talks video...the hyperlink is here. Simon Sinek is an advertising... Read More  


Song of the People

Song of the People When I heard John Bell* sing last Tuesday, I knew I would be blogging about the experience. I was at a workshop that Bell led about enlivening congregational singing.  My first reaction when I heard him sing was, O my gosh, John Bell is out of tune.  Two minutes later, I decided... Read More  


Breathe, Sing and Live!

I read this morning in the Sun an article about several school districts adopting a curriculum that teaches students self-regulation.  There wasn't any information on what the curriculum would look like.  However, we do know that when we are in a stable (regulated) state, we are better able to... Read More  


Singing together; its bigger than us all

Lynn Valley Light - it will be a show choir As I was rehearsing with Matt Grinke yesterday for my guest appearance at Friday Night Live, tonight, I was reminded of how much fun singing can be, especially in a group. As a budding, 19-year-old superstar (I had visions of singing and dancing my way into the hearts of... Read More  


"All" means ALL!

You'll discover that the Rev. Dr. Gary Paterson was elected 41st Moderator of the United Church of Canada. Prior to his election at the General Council in Ottawa this week, he served St. Andrew's Wesley United Church in downtown Vancouver.  WooHoo! Some of us in the church will make a huge deal over the... Read More  


Myth, Legend, History? A friend sent to me a link to this YouTube video.  The video is not new  (produced, it seems, in 2007), and that doesn't matter.  It raises some challenges about the Christian tradition which I find compelling.  The video cites other ancient... Read More  


Think about What you Believe...

Having a laugh at this interpretation of Psalm 23... (see picture)   It gave me a hearty chuckle, and then the brain kicked in with a few 'aha's and 'hmm's.    For as long as people have had more than 2 seconds to think about the world, beyond mere survival, there has been a question of "what is the... Read More  


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

Brilliant Worship!  I have just seen one of the most compelling pieces of theatre I've seen in a long time relating to the Jesus story - The Last Days of Judas Iscariot presented by the Vancouver East Cultural Centre as part of Rumble Theatre's TREMORS festival.  One word:  BRILLIANT!  If you... Read More  


Real Stories of Easter

Political Prisoner? Social justice protester? Humanitarian? Radical? Messiah? Was Jesus really the son of God? There are some huge questions I have in regard to the Easter story.  Believeability aside (faith blind to details - fodder for another blog), I choose to turn to the teachings of Jesus as the basis... Read More  


Stay with us through the night.

"God became human so humans could become God." Irenaeus of Lyons. Isn't that the real nature of the incarnation? My friend the theologian and healer suggests that the problem of "evil" disappears when we remember what Irenaeus mused. Rather than write him off, perhaps we might re-visit this wisdom. I wonder if... Read More