Day Two

When I was young, I loved those "What's Different" puzzles- sometimes the changes were so imperceptible, so subtle that even after seeing it I might not find it again. I have discovered that there is something different today. Of course, the angle of the photos might make it difficult to see, but there is... Read More  


Day One

Today I start a new regime- no, not a diet (although that does not mean I am not limiting intake of calories at this time), or cleanse or exercise routine, nor is it anything on the self-improvement spectrum... that is all far too "usual". Today I begin to document, via the camera in my iPhone, the redevelopment... Read More  


So Long Friends...

Lynn Valley United Church has been a strong advocate and support for many community groups over the years, but some relationships just stand out more because of the time involved. For almost 4 decades, LVUC has been home to a regular Saturday night Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step group meeting, and for over 25 years... Read More  


Meeting Place

I have just come back from two full week vacation... the first time in all the years I have worked at Lynn Valley United that I have taken two weeks in a row away from church.  My time away from work was fantastic with the first half being a smorgasbord of family activities- from special birthday... Read More  


Responsibility: the nexus of possibility

I'm capitvated by Peter Block's writing in "Community; the struture of belonging."  Thank you to Deborah Bowman at Ryerson United Church for introducing me, and all the participants at the most recent United Church Leadership Development Program - Sowing Promise, Growing Leaders. It's not a book about... Read More  


A Word Spoken, a Hope Revealed

Last Saturday, I was part of a group of folks from all over the Lower Mainland who met up at the Hilton at Metrotown in Burnaby to get a small taste of the “Greenbelt” experience. For those who don’t know, Greenbelt began in 1974 as a “Christian Music Festival” in England attended by... Read More  


A momentary glimpse

Thinking of what to say and actually saying it are sometimes worlds of understanding apart.  Our Children Youth and Family Coordinator, Sophia, is a pro at "going with the flow" and throwing out what doesn't serve... and sometimes that is the best message we can learn. Read More  


Where is the "new" "emerging" "evolving"

"When I came among you it was in weakness and fear, and with much trepidation."  1 Corinthians 2:3 Paul puts the truth before us.  It's a glimpse of the future.  It's not that Paul says we need to be weak and fearful.  That was Paul's experience when he went to Corinth to be part of a faith... Read More  


Leadership Emerging

I spent the last three days participating on the BC Conference Candidacy and Admissions Board, interviewing candidates for ministry.  Some were seeking an invitation to embark on a time of education and formation, responding to a call to ministry.  Others were at the end of their time of formation... Read More  


Church Life

I marvel at the beauty of a crisp clear early autumn day- there really is nothing like it! To witness a tangible shift in the spectrum from greens and golds to reds and browns; an annual visual cue that everything in nature is preparing for the slumber of winter. This is echoed in people- the frenetic pace of... Read More