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Change the Narrative

I’ve been following a friend on Facebook these past six months.  It’s where I’ve been getting most of my “gossip” about what’s been happening south of the border.  I knew her as United Church ministry student at Knox in Calgary, and now she serves in ministry in the crowsnest pass.  Everyday, I get a post from her... Read More


Friday Night Live - a kairos moment

A week later, Christ's community gathered the folks at the centre of the Labyrinth.  The piano was there flanked by two black stools.  When the time was right, three musicians (Quiet Hearts Ensemble) found their way to the centre of the Labyrinth and within seconds those who had gathered around the circle were... Read More

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Board of Governance Reviews LVUC Mission Strategy

After 6 years of operating from a set of assumptions and plans, the Board of Governance tabled its review of the mission strategy at it's October meeting.  The report is a synthesus and interpretation of the annual reports of the previous six years and summarizes the accomplishments and the challenges.   Read More

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Responsibility: the nexus of possibility

I'm capitvated by Peter Block's writing in "Community; the struture of belonging."  Thank you to Deborah Bowman at Ryerson United Church for introducing me, and all the participants at the most recent United Church Leadership Development Program - Sowing Promise, Growing Leaders. It's not a book about religion.... Read More

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Where is the "new" "emerging" "evolving"

"When I came among you it was in weakness and fear, and with much trepidation."  1 Corinthians 2:3 Paul puts the truth before us.  It's a glimpse of the future.  It's not that Paul says we need to be weak and fearful.  That was Paul's experience when he went to Corinth to be part of a faith community. Before the... Read More

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Leadership Emerging

I spent the last three days participating on the BC Conference Candidacy and Admissions Board, interviewing candidates for ministry.  Some were seeking an invitation to embark on a time of education and formation, responding to a call to ministry.  Others were at the end of their time of formation seeking the... Read More

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Leading or Mending Nets?

I was at a meeting of the church's next level of governance on Tuesday (Vancouver Burrard Presbytery).  It was held at a colleague church in West Point Grey. The meeting began with a self-directed worship in which participants could choose one of five stations of spiritual practice. I chose Lectio Divina (a... Read More

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Why do we do it?

                          People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Have a look at the Ted Talks video...the hyperlink is here. Simon Sinek is an advertising specialist. At the tender age of 39, he is one of the most sought... Read More

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Singing together; its bigger than us all

Lynn Valley Light - it will be a show choir As I was rehearsing with Matt Grinke yesterday for my guest appearance at Friday Night Live, tonight, I was reminded of how much fun singing can be, especially in a group. As a budding, 19-year-old superstar (I had visions of singing and dancing my way into the hearts of... Read More

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"All" means ALL!

You'll discover that the Rev. Dr. Gary Paterson was elected 41st Moderator of the United Church of Canada. Prior to his election at the General Council in Ottawa this week, he served St. Andrew's Wesley United Church in downtown Vancouver.  WooHoo! Some of us in the church will make a huge deal over the fact that... Read More