Church Governance

elected volunteers working to support and enact the mission and ministry of Lynn Valley United

The Board of Governance is the decision-making body of the congregation.

This year, the Board officials are:

Shauna Grinke (chair, as elected by the board)

Judith Clark (recording secretary)

Walter Wright (member at large)

Marion Kirk (member at large)

Len Grinke (member at large)

Leslie Hemmings (member at large)

Rob Fee (member at large)


The ministers, Blair Odney and Eric Hamlyn, are ex-officio members of the board.

The Board of Governance operates using policy governance and conducts meetings once a month on the second Wednesday of each month. While members and adherents are welcome to attend meetings, it is requested that the board be given written notification at least one week prior to the meeting you wish to attend and that if you wish to have an agenda item included, that 4 weeks notice be provided. 

The Board of Trustees are a group of elected church members manage everything pertaining to assets and property (such as insurance), acting on behalf of the congregation and the United Church of Canada.


Any inquiries of either the Board of Governance or the Board of Trustees can be made through the form below.

Inquiry of the Board of Governance or Trustees

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