Upcoming Sermons

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your jouney, there is a place for you here.   Join us for for Sunday Worship each week at 10:30am, with refreshments served before worship at 10am. Lynn Valley United is in a beautiful new building located at 3201 Mountain Highway with plenty of underground parking accessed off Harold Road.  Watch for these Sermon Series in the coming weeks:  

Spiritual Re-boot

The hope of Christmas music faded from the airwaves at midnight on December 25. The glow of New Year's dreams and visions has been dialed back.  The visa bill arrived in the mail.  And somehow the promise of light in the darkness gives way to the shadow. In the dead of winter, its time for a spiritual re-boot.  Join us Sundays to plant yourselves in the practices of presence.

Sunday, January 6:   Galatians 5:16-26.  Getting grounded.  Here's the Sunday to get your feet back on the ground.

Sunday, January 13:   Romans 12:1-4    Here's the Sunday to un-plug not just the Christmas tree.  Un-plug from the assumptions and mis-conceptions that confuse us.

Sunday, January 20:   Ephesians 3:14-21    Here's the Sunday to practice the presence of God as the alternative to confusion and overloaded circuits.

Sunday, January 27:  James 1:17-27  Here's the Sunday to lift our eyes and see the world the way it really is and practice the presence of justice.


Behind Every Pair of Eyes!  Compassion - a practice of the heart

Behind every pair of eyes is a soul at work.  Behind every pair of eyes is a story of trouble and beauty.  Behind every pair of eyes is the beloved child of God.  In this five week sermon series on compassion we will look through the lens of those on the outside of the status quo, to wonder how we might be one with each other.  Compassion, means "to suffer with" and it is a practice of the heart. In our worship we will engage the wisdom of the prophets to practice opening our hearts for the healing of the world.  

Sunday, February 3:  Isaiah 25:6-10   First People     Compassion, through the lens of Indigenous People.  Our guest this Sunday will be Rev. Ray Aldred, Director of the Indigenous Studies Program at Vancouver School of Theology.

Sunday, February 10:  Isaiah 49:7-12   Displaced People     Compassion, through the lens of Refugees and Lost People

Sunday, February 17:  Genesis 1:26-31   Sexual People     Compassion, through the lens of the Queer Community

Sunday, February 24:   Isaiah 43:1-7   Troubled People     Compassion, through the lens of mental illness and grief

Sunday, March 3:  Genesis 11:1-9   God's People     Compassion as communion.  We will close these series with the sacrament of Holy Communion 

If you want to take a "deeper dive" into the texts...

Are you interested in exploring the texts in a group setting? Waves Coffee and Questions bible study group meets in the lounge at 9am on Saturday mornings and Centering Prayer engages in Lectio Divina, an experience of praying the scriptures, following the silent prayer (all are welcome, or you can come for Lectio Divina alone at 6:30pm)

Want to read the passages from the comfort of home but don't have a bible? Try 'Bible Gateway' - a fabulous online resource with dozens of versions of the bible, interesting scholarly articles and links to other resources. Want to go deeper into scholarly resources? Try "Text This Week" for articles, sermons, group study, art and more.

Join us for worship.  We look forward to seeing you.