Whoever you are, wherever you are on your jouney, there is a place for you here.   Join us for for Sunday Worship each week at 10:30am, with refreshments served before worship at 10am. Lynn Valley United is in a beautiful new building located at 3201 Mountain Highway with plenty of underground parking accessed off Harold Road.  Watch for these Sermon Series in the coming weeks:  


 The Spaces Between Us - an interfaith exploration

There is much polarization in our world today and no less so in what sometimes seems to be the deep divide between religious traditions.  Let us begin with this assertion: we can scour the scriptures but we will not find that Jesus commissioned the church to prove other religions wrong!  Rather, loving God and loving neighbour means learning how God reaches into her creation to be in relationship with all her people. 

Sunday, June 30      James 1:19-27        Christianity is most interesting when practised

Sunday, July 7         Job 12:7-10             An Indigenous Way - Jesus and Manitou

Sunday, July 17       John 14:6-21           A Parallel Way - Jesus and the Buddha

Sunday, July 21       1 John 4:1-8            A Way of Practice - Jesus and Mohammad


All Means All - inclusive AND affirming

Lynn Valley Church has embarked on the process of discerning a call to become an Affirming Ministry of the United Church of Canada.  Regardless of the outcome, this process will take us into the heart of our own identity.  In honour of this year's Pride Season, and to lay some groundwork for the affirming process, this sermon series welcomes you to the journey of inclusion; what does it mean to be more than hospitable, but to be fully inclusive of all gifts?

Sunday, July 28        Genesis 9: 12-17                   God's Rainbow - sign of the convenant

Sunday, August 4      Matthew 5:13-20                  Jesus and the Clobber Texts

Sunday, August 11     Luke 5:17-26,                       Jesus and the Alternative Outcome

Sunday, August 18      Matthew 11:2-6, 27-30        Compassion and Being an Ally

If you want to take a "deeper dive" into the texts...

Are you interested in exploring the texts in a group setting? Waves Coffee and Questions bible study group meets in the lounge at 9am on Saturday mornings and Centering Prayer engages in Lectio Divina, an experience of praying the scriptures, following the silent prayer (all are welcome, or you can come for Lectio Divina alone at 6:30pm)

Want to read the passages from the comfort of home but don't have a bible? Try 'Bible Gateway' - a fabulous online resource with dozens of versions of the bible, interesting scholarly articles and links to other resources. Want to go deeper into scholarly resources? Try "Text This Week" for articles, sermons, group study, art and more.

Join us for worship.  We look forward to seeing you.