Our AGM is coming up on Sunday, June 28th.  We will be be making a number of decisions as a community of faith, and one of the very important decisions in front our our Membership is the make up of the next Board of Governance.  

As all elected or appointed Board members serve a two year term, Shauna Grinke, Neil Fancourt and Wendy Harris will continue for the second year of their term.  Len Grinke, Judith Clark, Leslie Hemmings and Marion Kirk are completing their second year of their term.  Accordingly, we have 4 Board seats open.  

A nominating committee - Marilyn Mann, Myrna Pearce, and Blair Odney was formed to ensure that we canvassed broadly in the community of faith for interest in this important volunteer work of LVUC.  

Five people have let their names stand for consideration for two year terms on the Board:  Joe Caitlin, Victoria Fawkes, Leslie Hemmings, Judith Clark, and Len Grinke. Members of our Community of Faith will be asked to vote on June 28th to select four Board members from these 5 nominees, and any other nominees brought forward from the floor on June 28th.   

To give you context as you review the bios of each of the current nominees, consider LVUC's Policy relating to Governing Style (Policy #404)

The Board of Governance will govern with an emphasis on:

a. theological reflection

b. outward vision rather than internal preoccupation

c. encouragement of diversity in viewpoints

d. future, rather than past or present

e. pro-activity rather than reacitivy

f. democracy as a means of decision-making

g. good leadership, rather than administrative detail 

Please take the time to review the bios.  Reach out to the nominees prior to the AGM to find out more about them.  

We're grateful for the interest these individuals have in serving in leadership.