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"Dear Blair, Eric, Frank, Lynn Valley Singers and LVUC Community at Large,              

Whew, what an incredible week it’s been!  It was truly a joy to be immersed in such a caring, kind community this past week.  I truly love Vancouver and found a beautiful connection with your community at LVUC…oh, and Frank was a wonderful host & duo partner to boot!  I have to say that your community programming is above and beyond what I have seen at any church.  You all put so much thoughtfulness and care into each aspect of your work and it really shows; from the FNL Series to the themed sermon series to the carefully programmed musical offerings and community events….oh and what an incredible facility!  I was / am beyond impressed.               

In addition to thoroughly enjoying myself onstage at the FNL concert, I was absolutely delighted to work with some of your community choral singers as well as some folks from the local community.  Holistic singing (breath / body / energetic awareness) and vocal rehabilitation is pretty much my life and I especially enjoy teaching this material in a group workshop setting.               

Within the first 5-10 minutes of the workshop last Thursday, it became abundantly clear that there was a genuine interest from all of the participants in making some SERIOUS changes to their singing, which was exciting to hear.  It was also obvious that a one-hour workshop was not going to be enough time for me to really be able to dig into some of the vocal concerns raised by the participants.  I talked as fast as I could and crammed as much info as I could into the time that we had, but we received some general feedback from the participants that it was simply too short.               

Frank and I had a chat about it, and we agreed that perhaps it would be of interest to have a more in-depth vocal workshop experience in the future.  We've come up with a proposal for a  2-day workshop for June 2020.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon