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In 2016, Lynn Valley United launched a therapeutic drumming program at Cederview Lodge.  this program is designed for residents to celebrate spirit, community and connection with drumming as the medium.  Jorden Liteplo, music therapist and animator has continued this work with a group of volunteers to bring joy and laughter into the experience of making rhythm - listening, collaborating, adding your own voice.  

When the North Shore Community Drum Circle needed to find a home when we were 'nomads' from our church building in 2014/2015, Cedarview welcomed the drummers with open arms. In the experience, Lynn Valley United Church learned there is much to be nurtured and to be celebrated in a specific program designed for Cedarview's residents.  

If you are a drummer and would like to be part of LVUC's commitment to Cedarview, please contact Jorden Liteplo at her email listed on the staff page, or contact the church office.