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                                  Join us as we explore our 5 week "Epiphany Yoga" series.                                                                                @ 5 pm from Jan 9 - Feb 6.

Registration is $60.00 for all 5 sessions.

Please see below for more information and to register for this series.

What is Yoga Chapel?  

Yoga Chapel affirms the wisdom that lives within the sacred stories of every culture, tradition, and generation. Our world would be barren without diversity of thought and expression. As the spirit of each faith tradition is shared through its own storytellers, we endeavor to be just one of the voices seeking to illuminate the Christian story for modern listeners.
Reflections inspired by the stories of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament are woven throughout each asana practice. We meditate with the help of our bodies in stillness while balancing in a pose, and as we flow in movement. Whether you consider Biblical stories to be factual, metaphorical, or mythological, we believe they carry universal truths that can challenge, nourish, and enlighten.
We believe in nurturing spirituality holistically – intellectually, emotionally, and physically – and the practice of listening to Biblical reflections while flowing with our breath and our bodies helps our meditation to deepen. The ultimate calling is to move beyond the mat, embodying the stories of compassion and transformation in our everyday lives.

"… your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God… therefore glorify God in your body."                                                                                   1 Corinthians 6:19-20



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Artemis Calogeros

Artemis owns and operates The Yoga Root, a small, award-winning community yoga studio in North Vancouver, BC. In contrast to the fast pace of fitness yoga, The Yoga Root offers slower, mindful yoga that provides benefits for body, mind, and spirit. She is a member of the Lynn Valley United Church and feels deep gratitude for having been invited to teach “Yoga on the Labyrinth” and Yoga Chapel sessions as part of their Centre for Spiritual Practices. As a Yoga Chaplain, Artemis is excited to share the gift of contemplative yoga guided by Yoga Chapel’s three pillars: Spirit, Meditation, and Movement. 

Niki Karmali

Niki was born in London, England and grew up traveling with her nomadic father and family, first around England, then to New Zealand, and finally settling in Canada. She makes her home now in Lynn Valley where she and her husband raised twin boys who have all grown and flown, giving her more time to both deepen her faith and nurture her passion for yoga.